The Forbidden Reach Questline videos below list most of the quests introduced in Dragonflight 10.0.7, starting with the intro quests, side quests, and the Zskera Vault quests.

Prologue Extend our Reach

The dracthyr have returned to the Forbidden Reach. You were summoned there to speak with Viridia of the Healing Wings. Her dracthyr needed help rebuilding a tuskarr village, fending off raiders, and creating a refuge for all who would live here.

1. Hidden Legacies
2. Return to the Reach
3. Wings of Mercy
4. Stemming the Irontide
5. An Eclectic Accord
6. Helping Hand and Claw
7. Exploring Our Past
8. The Best We Have
9. Inheritance
10. Creche Fallen
11. Aiding the Expedition
12. Keeping the Flame at Bay
13. An Interdisciplinary Approach
14. Chasing the Flame
15. A Creche Divided
16. Return to Viridia