Community Manager Bethany Stout hosted the very first WoWCast to interview Maria Hamilton (Lead Game Designer, former Lead Quest Designer) and Morgan Day (one of the Associate Game Directors) to discuss details of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Patch 10.1: Embers of Neltharion.

The patch will arrive on May 2 — introducing:

  • New Zone: Zaralek Cavern
  • New Public Events: Fyrakk Assaults and Researchers Under Fire
  • New Gear Upgrade System
  • Cross-Faction Guilds
  • New Faction: Loamm Niffen

On May 9, a week later, these features will become active:

  • New Raid: Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible
  • New Mythic+ Dungeons and Affix Updates
  • Updated PvP Rewards
  • New Class Tier-Sets

Probably the most important stuff discussed in this WoWCast, briefly, is a generalized idea of what to expect soon(TM) beyond Patch 10.1. Here is a quote from Maria Hamilton confirming Nozdormu and other neat stuff.

“There has been a lot of questions about Nozdormu, and what is going to happen with Nozdormu. He is fated to become Murozond; and Soon(TM), we will get some resolution to that story where we actually have Chromie and Evil-Chromie, and Murozond and Nozdormu; and then — you know — we gotta have Galakrond cuz [Everybody] wants to see what happens with Galakrond. So we are going to have a Galakrond up-there; and of course there is this big question about like Iridikron and what he is up to — and spoilers: It is not a good thing.

There is some cool timey-wimey badness that I would anticipate If I was a betting person, considering how we have kinda told the stories of some folks like we have continued some of the storyline for the Green’s, and we have told a little bit about what the Greens have been up to; and there is some encrypted stuff that is going to talk about another dragonflight-like group in Embers of Neltharion, and then we have the timey-wimey stuff coming… so … lots to be said.”

Before the WoWCast wrapped up, Morgan Day teased about some stuff that the team purposely omitted with the Dragonflight Roadmap — and that the team plans to update that Roadmap image soon. Maria Hamilton interrupted him to say: “We are not going to talk to them about [BEEP]” and this was possibly scripted, or maybe not, because a loud Beep is heard and her mouth was covered with a black rectangle so that people who can read lips can’t decipher what she said during the Beep.

So there we got an interesting tease about content that is not listed in the Roadmap on purpose.