Adventurers arrive to the Azure Span to assist Kalecgos, and the Kirin Tor in restoring the Blue Oathstone and putting an end to the threat of the Primalists and Raszageth’s plan to destroy the Vakthros tower, its ley lines and all of Azure Span with its destruction.

You arrived at the Azure Span to help the Kirin Tor and Kalecgos, the aspect of the blue dragons, track down the Azure Oathstone.

You fought off a primalist attack in Camp Antonidas before traveling to the Azure Archives. There, you discovered the Azure Oathstone and the simulacrum of Sindragosa, former prime consort of the blue dragonflight.

Sindragosa informed you and Kalecgos that the Azure Oathstone could not be empowered until the ley lines within the Azure Span were repaired.

You set off to find the tuskarr within Azure Span for better guidance regarding the location of the ley lines.

Into the Archives achievement
1. Into the Azure
2. To the Azure Span
3. Camp Antonidas
4. Preservation of Knowledge
5. Assemble the Defenses
6. Wrath of the Kirin Tor
7. Meeting Kalecgos
8. The Many Images of Kalecgos
9. Driven Mad
10. Arcane Pruning
11. Straight to the Top
12. Platform Adjustments
13. Arcane Annoyances
14. Reclaiming the Oathstone
15. Aiding Azure Span

You found a group of tuskarr willing to help investigate the ley lines and tracked down a caravan traveling with the tuskarr chieftain, Brena.

The caravan had been set upon by a group of gnolls, and several members of the caravan were captured. Brena asked you to help defeat the gnolls and rescue her friends.

Although you successfully rescued the missing tuskarr, you also discovered something disturbing in the process. The gnolls appeared to be utilizing decay magic to tain and rot the land around them. Dismayed, Brena set out to investigate the apparent source of the decay -- Brackenhide Hollow.

Tuskarr Troubles achievement
1. Ask the Locals
2. Catch the Caravan
3. Those Aren't for Chewing
4. Howling in the Big Tree Hills
5. Snap the Traps
6. Supplies!
7. Ill Gnolls with Ill Intent
8. Gnoll Way Out
9. Leader of the Shadepaw Pack
10. Spreading Decay
11. Another Ambush
12. Urgent Action Required

You travelled with Brena and Norukk to Brackenhide Hollow, where you met up with one of Kalecgos's mirror images. One of the ley lines he sought to repair was in the thick of Brackenhide Hollow. Kalecgos and Brena decided to help each other by hunting down the source of the decay and getting rid of it.

Working with Brena and Kalecgos, you put the spirits of fallen tuskarr to rest and worked to bring down an Ancient that the gnolls were withering away with decay. After successfully defeating the Ancient, Kalecgos was able to repair the ley line.

With matters in hand, Kalecgos was ready to depart, but Brena asked both of you to travel with her to her home, Iskaara. There, Brena gave Kalecgos more information about ley lines in the area, and you participated in the funeral for Ponoliak, the former chieftain of Iskaara. Kalecgos, having learned much from the Iskaara tuskarr, asked you to meet him at the Azure Archives.

Decayed Roots achievement
1. Breaching the Brackenhide
2. Echoes of the Fallen
3. Cut Out The Rot
4. Ley Litter
5. Tome-Ward Bound
6. Realignment
7. To Iskara
8. Gather the Family
9. The Cycle of the Sea
10. Azure Alignment
11. Calling the Blue Dragons

At the Azure Archives, you watched as Kalecgos attempted to summon the scattered blue dragonflight. Suddenly, Khadgar arrived with dire news -- Razsageth herself had arrived to take down an ancient tower called Vakthros, an act that Sindragosa said would destroy not only the tower, but the Azure Span along with it.

After traveling to Vakthros, you met up with Khadgar and Kalecgos and worked to fight back the Primalist forces and get to the tower to confront Raszageth.

Together with Kalecgos and Khadgar, you stopped Razsageth's plans. She turned her fury on Kalecgos, but a group of blue dragons arrived just in time to protect him. Furious, Raszageth flew off, leaving Kalecgos and the others to return to the Azure Archives.

Vakthros achievement
1. To Rhonin's Shield
2. To The Mountain
3. Primal Offensive
4. Lava Burst
5. Elemental Unfocus
6. Primal Power
7. Kirin Tor Recovery
8. Free Air
9. In Defense of Vakthros
10. The Storm-Eater's Fury
11. The Blue Dragon Oathstone


Complete the Sojourner of Azure Span achievement in the geographic order I listed them. That way you follow the flow from west to east in one go. This achievement gathers a collection of optional quests outside of the core storyline of the zone, which rewards Renown with the Iskaara, Dragonscale Expedition, and Valdrakken Accord factions; as well as toys, gear, dragon mount cosmetic appearances, and more.

Note: Camp Nowhere is a partial Sojourner of Azure Span achievement hub. Rustpine Den and Ruins of Karnthar questlines start there. You have to complete Rustpine as a requirement to unlock Winterpelt Hollow questline. You need to complete the Snowhide Camp questline first as a requirement to unlock the Grimtusk Hideaway questline.

Addon: Download and install the TomTom (addon) in the /world of warcraft/_retail_/Interface/AddOns/ folder. Launch the game. When within Azure Span, type the coordinates (in green text) shown in the first quest of each questline.

Winterpelt Hollow achievement
What of the Winterpelt Clan?Complete Rustpine Den Questline starting with:
Broken Traditions: Broken Bodies -- /way 63.24 58.59
Hollow Up
Aggressive Self-Defense
Bear with Me
Ice Cave Ya Got There


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