This page contains YouTube videos where I collected all the 48 Dragon Glyphs to unlock the entire Dragonriding Talent Tree.

When you arrive to the Waking Shores in the Dragon Isles, ignore all normal quests. Focus your attention on the core zone story quests until you reach the Waking Shores chapter 3, where you arrive to the Ruby Life Pools.

As soon as a core quest leads you to talk to Alexstrasza, she will provide two core quests. Ignore the other one which starts a long quest chain. Grab the one titled: “Dragonriding.”

Continue that Dragonriding questline until you are asked to go to the Skytop Observatory. There you will be given a quest to unlock Dragon Glyphs. At this point, STOP all questing. Use your Dragonriding mount to search all 48 Dragon Glyphs. Twelve in each zone. This task make take about an hour or longer.

All Glyph locations are marked in these maps.

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