In this page you can watch Zaralek Cavern Campaign quests videos collecting every chapter of the campaign. Each link will open a YouTube video in a separate tab. (work in progress)

Zaralek Campaign Chapter 1 Breaking Ground

The Incarnates have made their move, leading Alexstrasza to call upon you and the black dragonflight for aid. The Incarnates have blasted a hole and opened the way into caves far beneath the Dragon Isles. Fyrakk has entered the cave without the other Incarnates. Ebyssian, Sabellian, Wrathion, and you have been asked to pursue him.

1. The Land Beneath
2. A Crack in the World
3. Where the Flames Fell
4. Scar of Earth and Fire
5. The Patience of Princes
6. Culling the Deep
7. It Was Not Enough
8. Niffen and Goliath
9. Brother's Keeper
10. Secrets from our Father
11. The Earth Gives Away
12. Smells Like Loamm
13. Orientation: Loamm Niffen
14. Tougher Down Under
15. Flightstones
16. Shadowflame Crests
17. Catching Up With Friends
18. Welcome to the City of Smells
19. Six Hundred Feet Under
Zaralek Campaign Chapter 2 Sundered Legacy

Ebyssian and Emberthal arrived in Loaam, pursuing the Sundered Flame to discover their purpose in the caves. Sabellian and Wrathion are caught up in their own plans, but Ebyssian and you are ready to aid her.

The Sundered Flame are looking for Aberrus, Neltharion's secret laboratory from ages past. They have already found clues in a titan vault. The race is on to stop Sarkareth before he unlocks its secrets.

You have reached the vault, but Sarkareth and the Sundered Flame are already inside.

1. Future Aspects
2. Save-A-Mole
3. Collating Their Research
4. Whose Vault is it Anyway
5. Charging Up
6. Open That Door!
7. Sundered Flames
8. The Upper Hand
9. Singed
10. Aspects of our Legacy
Zaralek Campaign Chapter 3 The Ancient Bargain

Sabellian has determined the most likely place to find Fyrakk and has asked you to join the hunt in the Zaqali Caldera.

Investigating the caldera has revealed the djaradin are trying to awaken their elders from ancient slumber, and the primalists are aiding them.

Fyrakk has been bathing in the shadowflame, absorbing its power. Sabellian was struck by the shadowflame, but Ebyssian believes he can cure the injury with your help.

Urged on by his losses against Fyrakk, Sabellian used a djaradin weapon to attack the Incarnate. The attack failed. The djaradin struck down Ebyssian and Fyrakk attacked the town of Loamm. Now both Ebyssian and Loamm need your help.

The fires in Loamm have been extinguished, but the time has come to inform Alexstrasza of what happened.

1. Where There's Smoke, There's Fire
2. Sight Beyond Sight
3. Legends of the Zaqali
4. Know Thy Enemy
5. Take Out The Head
6. Consequences
7. Battlefield Triage
8. Rushing Quality
9. Alliance of Convenience
10. Shut Them Down
11. A Scale for a Scale
12. From Hell's Heart
13. No Dragon Left Behind
14. Raked Over The Coals
15. The Endless Burning Sky
16. In the Wake of the Ashes
Zaralek Campaign Chapter 4 Inherited Sin

Despite Alexstrasza's worries about the risk of exposure to the shadowflame, Ebyssian insists the black dragons must contain any other threats that may reside in Aberrus.

At the Obsidian Rest, you have been asked to aid them against the djaradin encroaching on the lab.

The djaradin seek to free an ancient and powerful elder from Aberrus. This could be a threat to all dragons.

While battling the djaradin, the black dragons discovered slitherdrakes who escaped from Aberrus. Now they must be protected from the djaradin and their jailers.

1. Here We Go Again
2. The Obsidian Rest
3. Report: Battlefield Ruins
4. Blow it Up
5. Thinning Their Defenses
6. Intercepting Communications
7. Air Superiority
8. Investigating the Unknown
9. Break Them Out
10. Worst of the Worst
Zaralek Campaign Chapter 5 Inevitable Confrontation

Although Wrathion and Sabellian have gone their separate ways, Emberthal is still pursuing Sarkareth alone. Ebyssian has urged you to find her.

Sarkareth is making his way into Aberrus, which is guarded by both the Sundered Flame, and the servants of the long gone master of the lab, Neltharion. You will need a ll of the dragons to face this.

Ebyssian and you have rallied Sabellian and Wrathion to aid Emberthal and breach Aberrus.

The black dragons have a foothold in Aberrus. Now is the time to join Emberthal in stopping Sarkareth's mad plan.

1. Fading Embers
2. A Whisper to Sabellian
3. Appealing to the Black Prince
4. With Our Powers Combined
5. In the Right Hands
6. Wipe Them Out
7. Forward Camp
8. Finding Sarkareth
9. Cracking His Shell
10. Stopping Sarkareth


These are independent quests outside of the core Zaralek Cavern campaign questline that might reward reputation with the Niffen or the Dragonscale Expedition.

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