Halls of Atonement is a dungeon located in the Revendreth zone, and uses a portion of the outdoor area of the same namesake.

The portal to the dungeon is located at the X-mark shown in this map (above), but on the lower tier by the path.

Halls of Atonement feels a bit harder than usual in normal mode. There are a few patrols that may get the group in trouble. So it is a good idea to mark patrols and be on the watch at all times.

The first boss requires the team to kill three stone golems to funnel their anima back to Halkias, the Sin-Stained Goliath. This causes the boss to lose his immunity shield that prevent players from engaging him.

The second boss was less fun and difficult to read because he summons multiple minions that can only be killed by Echelon’s Stone Shattering Leap. Once he casts it on the player, you have to move to the minions — but you get slowed down — which means the team needs to stack up as much as possible so that the minions always get destroyed. Might be a good idea to pop bloodlust or equivalent spells during this encounter.

Boss encounters: Some require interrupts for deadly abilities, and a lot of mobility to get away from AOE pools on the ground. A mechanic often used requires players to run between the boss and a statue, or to run toward a vessel to sorta put the summoned soul back in the bottle — during the High Adjuridcator Aleez encounter.

The last boss has a mechanic I haven’t seen before, where he moves gargoyle statues in a specific direction and players must move away or get hit and knocked back doing a lot of damage.

The experience was positive, though I died about three times. There was only one wipe — to my knowledge.

At the end of the video, I show the Dungeon Journal with all the gear (normal, heroic, mythic), item models, and all the bosses’ abilities.

Below, click the video title to launch the YouTube page in a separate tab. Then make sure the 1080HD option is enabled (or click the gear icon within the video). Open in fullscreen to read any dungeon journal text or dialogue.

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