Revil Kost: The Journal mentions a “stronger pull” for the compass. If the spirits of this place are indeed tied to it, they may serve as the pull we need. I’ve come upon several locations in the pass where restless spirits tend to appear. Perhaps if you show the spirits there the compass, they may be able to help point it in the right direction. You seek these locations out, I’ll continue on to Karazhan and see if I can find anything leading to the Dark Riders there.

The Fate of Deadwind


Quest Objectives

Attune Ariden’s Compass at the sites of restless spirits around Deadwind Pass.



NOTE: The map shows three spots around Deadwind Pass: Deadman’s Crossing, the church and the bridge. There will be a few spectres lvl 100. Once you see the button seen below, you can click it to get the objective.



Sataiel: Such poor souls. You don’t even belong here, but now you will always be bound to this place. Do not fret. Through Ulthalesh, you will be so much more in death than you were in life.

Attuned at Deadman’s Crossing: 1/1



Sataiel: You were fools to think such a pitiful force could oppose an agent of Sargeras! Your worthless lives will pave the way for the Legion!

Attuned at the bridge: 1/1

The Fate of Deadwind


Sataiel: How quaint. Do you really think your Holy Light can protect you from the Legion’s onslaught? Where is your light to protect you now?!

Attuned at the Church: 1/1




Revil Kost: It looks like it worked, and the compass is pointing toward the river.


The Fate of Deadwind


1. The Sixth8. The Fate of Deadwind
2. The New Blood9. The Dark Riders
3. The Tome of Blighted Implements10. The Power Posessed
4. Ulthalesh, the Deadwind Harvester11. The Heart of the Dreadscar
5. Following the Curse12. Power Overwhelming
6. Disturbing the Past13. Rebuilding the Council
7. To Point the Way14. The Path of the Dreadscar
Class Artifacts Questlines


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