In Patch 8.1.5, The Kul Tiran and the Zandalari Allied Races become available to players who meet the unlock requirements.

The Zandalari is unlocked to those who reach Exalted with the Zandalari Empire, earn the Zandalari Forever! Achievement and the Tides of Vengeance achievement.

These are the Zandalari Racial Traits:

. Embrace the Loa. Regeneratin'
. Pterrodax Swoop. City of Gold
The Embrace the Loa trait is interesting because it allows the Zandalari to choose one of many Loa traits that are displayed as a buff in the top-right corner of your screen next to the mini-map:
. Embrace of Akunda
. Embrace of Bwonsamdi
. Embrace of Gonk
. Embrace of Kimbul
. Embrace of Krag'wa
. Embrace of Pa'ku

Access each quest individually from the table below, or watch the full questline playlist.

1. A Royal Occasion10. The Council Has Spoken
2. A Queen's Entourage11. Gaze of the Loa
3. The Rite of Kings and Queens12. Gaze of the Loa: Krag'wa
4. The Instigator Among Us13. Gaze of the Loa: Gonk
5. Quelling the Masses14. Gaze of the Loa: Pa'ku
6. Heresy!15. Gaze of the Loa: Bwonsamdi
7. Breaking the Faith16. Queen of the Zandalari
8. Talanji's Mercy17. Allegiance of the Zandalari
9. The New Zanchuli Council18. Stranger in a Strange Land

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