Some interviews with World of Warcraft: Cataclysm developers have begun to show up around the web. Frank Pearce talks about the sales of the expansion worldwide, and the differences that exist between the digital download and the retail copies.

Greg Street goes on to talk about the challenges to create the expansion and teases the team has begun to ponder the main theme and boss for the unannounced fourth expansion. The concept is not set in stone, but it’s nigh there.

With MCV, the interview covers Blizzard and its faith in console MMOs. From what’s said here, Blizzard will rather develop a game around a specific platform from the ground upwards, rather than to port a game to other platforms. The developer also talks about possibilities explored to develop for Apple’s iProduct varieties.

Nothing world-breaking new, but makes a great read to listen to the developers what they think about the game.