The Spires of Ascension dungeon is located near the Elysian Hold in Bastion.

The dialogue text transcribed here reveals details about Kyrestia the Firstborne, Devos the Paragon of Loyalty, The Arbiter, The Jailer, and even Uther.

Devos seeks to change the path of the Kyrian. The Kyrian path forces the denizens of Bastion to erase the memories of their past, their loved ones for the service of The Arbiter. The Kyrian are brainwashed.

SPIRES OF ASCENSION: Ascend to the seat of the Archon and strike down Devos.

Kyrestia the Firstborne: We are vastly outnumbered mortals. The Forsworn have cut a swath through most of our forces. Vanquish their rear guard while I confront Devos. Go in service.

Kyrestia the Firstborne: You were the Paragon of Loyalty, Devos. And yet all this time, it was you who led the Forsworn.

Devos: Your blind adherence to the path would have doomed us all. You left me no choice but to oppose you! Forsworn, see that the mortals do not interfere!

Kin-Tara: You cannot hide! None shall be spared! Fear the skies! Nowhere to run! Suffer my wrath! No! You will pay for that! You… will never… win…

Kyrestia the Firstborne: Listen to reason, Devos. The kyrian must stand united.

Devos: Not so long as you command them. The Forsworn will forge a new path for Bastion! For eons, we have been told to “purify” ourselves. To let go of our memories, our identities, our loved ones. All in the name of service. But what do we serve? An impotent Arbiter, an oppressive law! Our sacrifices were made for nothing!

Ventunax: Your sight is your downfall.

Kyrestia the Firstborne: We sacrifice because we must. Mortal burdens would only impede our sacred duty.

Devos: No. It was a mortal who exposed the folly of your edicts.

Oryphrion: Your defiance must be punished! All who oppose us will be destroyed! You must be annihilated! The anima… it is overwhelming! Tremble before my power! No! I… can still… fight…

Devos: As I peered into Uther’s memories, what I saw shook me to the core. But you refused to see the truth. That the path is flawed. That we serve a lie. And so, I listened to the Jailer’s words. I learned of the great injustice you and the others thrust upon him… and upon us all. He seeks to free us from the prison we have built for ourselves. And for that, he has earned my loyalty.

Kyrestia the Firstborne: And I mourn your betrayal.

Kyrestia the Firstborne: Argh!

Devos: Accept your defeat, Archon. I serve a far greater power now. With your spear in hand, I will take control of the Spires and forge new paragons to lead the kyrian!

Kyrestia the Firstborne: The Jailer has twisted your mind, Devos. You must be stopped… no matter the cost.

Devos: The age of the Forsworn is at hand! This spear shall pierce your heart! I will strike you down! No! The path… must be… abandoned…

Kyrestia the Firstborne: Devos… The Jailer’s schemes have torn a schism in the ranks of the kyrian. One that must be healed. Long have we believed that our mortal lives are burdens to be shed in the name of service. And yet, the deeds of mortals are what won the day. You have my gratitude. Once the Jailer lies defeated… there may be much for the kyrian to discuss.

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