This list will contain all the Revendreth world quests available in the Shadowlands expansion, and upcoming major content builds. World Quests are unlocked shortly after you have chosen a Covenant faction at level 60 (requires completing the Revendreth story questline up to The Master of Lies).

A Curious Cache
A Stolent Stone Fiend
Aid From Above
Battered and Bruised
Dirty Job: Demolition Detail
Dirty Job: Wood Work
It's Race Day in the Ramparts!
Light Defense
Muck it up
Retaining the Court
Secret Service
Soul Snares
Summon Your Sins
Stone Fiend Saboteurs
Tea Tales: Gubbins and Tubbins
Tea Tales: Lost Sybille
Tea Tales: Theotar
Tea Tales: Vulca
Tithe and Taxes
Trashin' The Camps
Favor: Soul Hunter Blade
Favor: The Venthyr Diaries
Parasol Components

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