This list will contain all the Maldraxxus world quests available in the Shadowlands expansion, and upcoming major content builds. World Quests are unlocked shortly after you have chosen a Covenant faction at level 60 (requires completing the Revendreth story questline up to The Master of Lies).

A Few Bumps Along The Way
Amateur Night
Battles Won Long Ago
Better Off Dead
Buggin' Out
Calling the Champions
Callous Concoctions
Deadly Reminder
Deathfang's Favorite Toy
Forged in Secret
Further Gelatinous Research
Gettin' Even
Just Winging It
Liches Get Stitches
Mixing A Mess
Parts to a Whole
Planned Demise
Pulling Hairs
Spore Losers
The Spider on the Wall
Bet On Yourself (Devmorta)
Bet On Yourself (Mistress Dyrax)
Bet On Yourself (Ti'or)

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