Those who reach Zandalari or Kul Tiran Tailoring skill 150 will have access to the Tools of the Trade questline which starts near the Tailoring trainer in Boralus: Tradewinds Market (Alliance) or Dazar’alor: Terrace of Crafters (Horde).

The Quest is given by Timeweaver Delormi (a bronze dragon disguised as a Nightborne).

She will ask you to help her mend threads of time anomalies. Eventually, you discover that several versions of Delormi have been killed at the Caverns of Time in Tanaris. The killer is no other than Shade of Delormi — of the Infinite Dragonflight.

You chase the Shade of Delormi to Suramar, then Fate’s End (Stormsong Valley), and culminates at the Bronze Dragonshrine in Dragonblight. Once the threat is contained, Delormi rewards you with the Tools of the Trade reward: Synchronous Thread.

Watch the videos listed below or the full questline playlist.

1. A Friend in Needle7. If The Shoe Fits...
2. A Stitch in Time8. Seam Stress
3. Tearing at the Seams9. Saving Nine
4. Rolling Up the Sleeves10. Killing Time
5. The Severed Thread11. Cut from the Same Cloth
6. Step into her Shoes

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