Players who seek to increase their reputation with the four core Shadowlands factions should head to Oribos to talk to Inkeeper Host Ta’rela to pick up the quest: “Trading Favors.” The follow up quest unlocks two daily quests that send players to Normal or Heroic dungeons to retrieve items. As reward, you will earn a token that increases your reputation by 500 with a chosen faction: Kyrian, Necrolords, Night Fae or Venthyr.

1. Trading Favors/way 67.0 50.4
3. Trading Favors: Plaguefall
2. Trading Favors: Sanguine Depths
1. Trust IssuesThis quest appears at the Ring of Transference in Oribos when you meet these requirements: You completed the initial Covenant quests up to unlocking Renown. After that, the Covenant sends you to The Maw. Ve'nari gives you the Rule 1; Rule 2; and Rule 3: Trust is Earned quests. Unsure if Renown 4 might be another requirement)

2. Rule 4: Make a List

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