For the past few weeks after LiquidSky gave me VIP access to the SkyOS 2.0 (Alpha) client, I have been so excited and hopeful for this small team, their technology and their vision.

I am a true-believer of gaming in the cloud. Remember that time when I said I was downloading World of Warcraft’s 28GB of data at over 70MB – 100MB/s? I launched the client tonight.

First thing I did was to launch Google Chrome, and went to to see exactly what the download / upload is. I am currently paying about $40.00 to my new ISP, for 50MB/s download and 25MB/s upload. I see this speed graphic, and I can’t but say: “OMG I want this thing to be public launched now. I don’t care if it was buggy, it is just AWESOME!”

Before I finished the first paragraph above, SkyOS 2.0 had already downloaded all 28GB of the World of Warcraft PTR 6.2. I saw the popup window saying I could play. Imagine the possibilities. Playing High-End video games at max settings in any old computer, with 36ms latency, blazing-fast downloads; or watching Netflix without a single buffering in an old computer running Windows XP or Windows Vista, and a mere 10MB/s internet speed. Load SkyOS, and it doesn’t matter how old your computer is… you can do the same as someone with a T3 and with most-expensive graphic card. The possibilities are endless. I am so glad for the millions of people around the world able to benefit from this service once it goes public.

Ever been jealous of those people with Google Fiber? This cloud service is like giving you the opportunity of having access to a slim version of Google Fiber. You access LiquidSky’s servers remotely from your computer. Download your stuff into Google Drive or Dropbox with their 300MB/s speeds. You could potentially downgrade your ISP plan to get the cheapest download/upload plan — saving money in the process. Get a good Google Drive Gigabyte or Terabyte plan instead to download stuff there.

Delete all your video games, and download them into the LiquidSky cloud servers instead; allowing you to save space in your hard disk for something else: like video editing. You can play all your video games in your old computer, in the tablet, or any of the devices that LiquidSky plans to support (Android, PC, iOS, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, HMTL5, Windows Phone, LG Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV, VIZIO Smart TV, and Raspberri Pi).

More important: NO VIRUSES for as long as you use any browser through the SkyOS. Technically, cookies won’t be able to track you anymore either. It’s a firewall. A VPN. There are so many benefits with cloud gaming. It is the future now.

The Android version is coming within a few weeks. I really hope many of you are able to join beta testing. Register here for email updates. Spread the word and earn beta points.

I’ll begin playing World of Warcraft PTR 6.2 through SkyOS 2.0 to bring you some photos and video of Tanaan Jungle. Stay tuned.

Note: NVIDIA will ship a Shield tablet to me very soon, so expect an article about the tablet, and a round up of how SkyOS 2.0 Android looks like with the NVIDIA Shield tablet. Follow the link above to join SkyOS 2.0 beta testing. The Android client will be available very soon. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get updates once the Android client is available.