After reaching level 60, and completing the linear questline achievements of Bastion, Maldraxxus, Ardenweald and ending in Revendreth you are sent back to Oribos where you must choose one of the 4 factions. This list of videos covers all of the Night Fae Covenants Quests.

You get to choose your Covenant after completing the Revendreth storyline quest: The Master of Lies — which is followed by The End of the Beginning.

Choosing Your Purpose
1. The End of the Beginning
2. The Looming Dark
3. Choosing Your Purpose
After choosing to align yourself with the Night Fae Covenant, you returned to Ardenweald. There you were allowed entry into the Heart of the Forest. With many of Ardenweald's souls in attendance, you received the boon of Soulshape, the first of many gifts granted to those who join the covenant. You then learned that you had an important tradition to uphold: your grand introduction!
1. Report to Moonberry
2. The Heart of the Forest
3. The Boon of Shapes
With the assistance of some friends, and a little bit of magic, you starred in a stage production recreating the dramatic events on Azeroth which led p to your arrival in the Shadowlands. Your performance impressed not only the Court of Night, but the Winter Queen as well.

Ysera, who was in the audience, learned that what she had thought were dreams and nightmares were visions of events on Azeroth. As she bore you to the Heart of the Forest, Ysera confided that she she had also dreamed of Tyrande Whisperwind becoming the Night Warrior, and that she was concerned for the futures of both Tyrande and Ardenweald.

Now properly introduced to the Night Fae, you were formally bound to their covenant in a ceremony presided by the Winter Queen
1. Show, Don't Tell
2. Break a Leg
3. The Fourth Wall, Er, War
4. What's My Motivation
5. For Queen and Grove!
6. Keeper of Great Renown
7. The Forest Will Sing Your Name
8. A Call To Service
9. A Calling in Ardenweald
10. Who Shapes the Forest
11. Into the Reservoir
You returned to the Maw, where you reunited with the broker Ve'nari. By accepting the terms of her agreement, you procured a Soulkeeper crystal that allowed you to bring several lost souls out of the Maw. You also discovered that Baine Bloodhoof is being held prisoner in Torghast, the Tower of the Damned, but that you will need a plan of action before you can attempt to rescue him.
1. Recover the Lost
2. Do What We Cannot
3. Setting the Ground Rules
4. Rule 1: Have an Escape Plan
5. Rule 2: Keep a Low Profile
6. Rule 3: Trust is Earned
Highlord Bolvar Fordragon sent you into Torghast, Tower of the Damned to rescue Baine Bloodhoof from the clutches of Warden Arkoban.

With Baine safe in Oribos, you returned to Torghast with one of the Warden's keys to plunge further into the tower's depths. Your search brought you to a mysterious prisoner known as the Runecarver.

You recovered one of the Runecarver's memories from the Maw, then worked with Ve'nari to free one of his bonds. In exchange, the Runecarver has offered to help you craft powerful armor.
1. Hopeful News
2. Into Torghast(Torghast Intro)
3. The Highlord Calls
4. The Search for Baine
1. Prison of the Forgotten
2. Deep Within
3. Reawakening
4. A Damned Pact
5. A Grave Chance
6 The Weak Link
After you brought the rescued souls back to Ardenweald, you learned more about the Heart of the Forest and the powers that lie dormant within its roots. You were also granted the boon of Soulbinding and bound yourself to Niya.
1. Flutterback
2. Recovered Souls
3. The First New Growth(Sanctum Upgrade Intro)
4. The Forge of Bonds(Soul Binding Intro)
5. The Boon of Binding(Soul Binding Intro)
6. Strenghtening the Bond
7. A Conduit for Growth
8. The Endless Forest
1. The Hunt Watches
2. Know Where to Strike
3. Adventurer: Guardian Kota
1. A Mycelial Network
2. Silence in the Stalks
3. Mushroom for Improvement
4. Ring Repairs
5. Fighting for Fungus
6. My Way or the Hyphae
7. Through the Veil
8. Glittering Gritty Goodness
1. Explore Torghast
2. Remnants of Hope
1. Night Fae VeteranIntro to Unrated PvP
Ysera asked you to meet Shandris Feathermoon in Oribos and help her recover Tyrande Whisperwind from the Maw. You aided Shandris in tracking down Tyrande, whose Night Warrior powers had allowed her to carve a path of destruction through the Jailer's forces but also threatened to tear her apart.

The two of you followed Tyrande into Torghast. There, you witnessed the awesome power of the Night Warrior and rescued many captive kaldorei souls. Tyrande refused to return with you and Shandris, saying she would not stop until she had slain Sylvanas.

You returned to Ardenweald, where the souls you had freed would find peace. Ysera and Shandris vowed to find a way to save Tyrande from the all-consuming power of the Night Warrior.
1. Daughter of the Night Warrior
2. Into the Maw
3. On the Trail
4. The Sea of Souls
5. The Recovery of Tyrande Whisperwind
6. Their New Home
You joined forces with Bwonsamdi to investigate the strange disappearances of several powerful nature spirits within Ardenweald. During your search, you uncovered a secret plot by the death loa Mueh'zala to awaken the evil loa Dambala and Hakkar into his service.

Realizing that he had no choice but to stand against his master, Bwonsamdi asked you to beseech the Winter Queen for her aid. Upon hearing of Mueh'zala's treachery, the Queen dispatched the Wild Hunt to rid the forest of Mueh'zala's minions. Fighting alongside your fellow huntsmen and huntresses, you defeated Dambala nd drove Mueh'zala's followers out of Ardenweald.
1. On the Other Side
2. Taking Inventory
3. Following the Trail
4. Minions of Mueh'zala
5. Stolen Loa
6. Winter Be Comin'
7. Gathering the Hunt
8. Cleansing the Forest
9. Report to the Queen
1. Root Restoration
2. The Roots Thirst
3. Dapperdew: Gul'dan

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