This video list contains all the Dragonflight 10.2 Guardians of the Dream Quests. The campaign is divided into chapters. I’ll add non-campaign videos showing quests found in each sub-zone of The Emerald Dream. (work in progress)

Shandris Feathermoon summoned you to investigate a secret meeting of two Incarnates, Fyrakk and Vyranoth. You discovered that Fyrakk has allied with Druids of the Flame in his merciless endeavor to enter the Emerald Dream and seize control of what grows within.

1. Fire Season
2. Dowsing the Wards
3. Eyes of Fire
4. Through the Flames
5. Inflammatory Information
6. Raise the Alarm
Call of the Dream (Requires completing Chapter 1 - All 6 quests above)

Fyrakk and his forces have invaded the Emerald Dream, leading Merithra to call upon you to join her and the others to stop him.

After mustering several Wild Gods and Elder Cassaphine, a powerful dryad, Fyrakk's forces have attacked in earnest! Djaradin, Primalists, and Druids of the Flame are all swarming into the Emerald Dream.

After witnessing Cassaphine's conversion by Ashendir Hartwood, the Prophet of the Flame, you and Merithra escaped from Igira the Cruel. Now you must reach the world tree, Amirdrassil, before Fyrakk's forces do.

Tyrande Whisperwind stands with you and Merithra at Amirdrassil against the flame dryad, Elder Cassaphine. She must be defeated, or she will convert the other dream denizens.

Flame Elder Cassaphine was defeated, but Fyrakk and Ashendir Hartwood, the Prophet of the Flame, arrive with their forces beneath Amirdrassil! Ashendir convinced Fyrakk to withdraw for now, leaving Merithra wondering what else Fyrakk must be after in the Dream.

Merithra, Alexstrasza, Tyrande and the others have convened at the Central Encampment beneath Amirdrassil. We must discover what Fyrakk's plans are, and why the Druids of the Flame are allied with the fiery Incarnate.

1. Emerald Welcome
2. Feast or Flaming
3. Wild Gods in Our Midst
4. Burning Assault
5. The Face of Our Enemies
6. The Cruel
7. Amirdrassil
8. Lost to the Flame
9. Between Fyrakk and a Hard Place
10. Home in the Dream
11. A Multi-Front Battle

Tyrande Whisperwind is hunting the Prophet Ashendir Hartwood and his Druids of the Flame. She has gone to the Sor'theril Barrow Den to find out more.

Deep in the Sor'theril Barrow Den, you and Tyrande encounter Norana, a former priestess of Elune. Norana turned to the flame after the burning of Teldrassil, and her zealotry will surely lead others to ruin.

Tyrande Whisperwind has directed you to the Smoldering Copse, where the Druids of the Flame have gathered to transmute the Dream to flame. Here, you intend to uncover their role in this invasion of the Emerald Dream.

Tyrande attacked Norana and Ashendir, but they completed their ritual and new birds of flame arose in the Emerald Dream. The Druids of the Flame seek rebirth in the fire, and to call forth the new Firelord. You defeated one of their lieutenants, but Ashendir and Norvana remain free within the Dream.

1. The Burning Barrow
2. Ashen Soil
3. Not Yet Lost
4. The Smoldering Copse
5. Burning Ground
6. Grim Reprisal
7. Forlorn Hope
8. The Looming Cinder

The Prophet of the Flame has set Fyrakk towards a purpose, not just to attack the tree and its defenders, but towards some greater transmutation of fire. Vyranoth seeks these answers, and the knowledge of what became of the Primalists she was close to.

Vyranoth has reunited with a proto-dragon named Buri, a former member of the Claws of Vyranoth. But not all Claws are eager to rejoin their Incarnate.

Lethka, a former Claw of Vyranoth, confronts Vyranoth. She saw greater power in following Fyrakk and has slain other Claws for their disloyalty. Vyranoth flew off in pursuit of Lethka, leaving Buri to seek out the last remaining Claw.

Fyrakk's focus on the Wellspring of Life comes into clarity. His minions try to force their way into the Wellspring, so that Fyrakk can change its living energies transforming Amirdrassil into a crown of flame.

With the remaining Claws, we go in search of Vyranoth to help her bring Lethka to justice before she uses the power of a volcano to destroy the barrier protecting the Wellspring of Life.

Vyranoth and her Claws have returned to Amirdrassil, but Fyrakk and hsi forces are still trying to break into the Wellspring of Life. It is only a matter of time before they succeed. We bring this news to Merithra and Alexstrasza.

1. Mayhem Incarnate
2. Best Laid Plans
3. Light 'Em Up!
4. Primalist Directive
5. Finding Terro
6. Assault on the Wellspring
7. Big Bright Beautiful Barrier
8. Power, Eruption, and Lies
9. Tactical Withdrawal

Igira and her djaradin have launched an assault upon the Eye of Ysera. The djaradin threaten the green dragonflight's seat of power in the Emerald Dream.

At the eye of Ysera, we encountered the djaradin and their commander Galok Wingslicer, lieutenant to Igira the Cruel. We witnessed him handling over green dragonkin prisoners to the djaradin elder.

After receiving counsel from other members of the greend dragonflight, Merithra proposed a risky plan to draw Galok and his forces into a trap at the Eye of Ysera.

The defenses are lowered, the trap is sprung, and our allies at the Eye of Ysera now battle Galok and his djaradin forces.

At the brink of his defeat, Galok fled into the skies! We pursued him with the green dragonflight.

Galok is defeated and the Eye of Ysera is secured again. Merithra wins her first great victory as leader of the green dragonflight.

1. Eye of Ysera
2. A New Brute
3. Fire Watch
4. In and Out Scout
5. Disarm Specialist
6. Good Counsel
7. Putting Roots Down
8. Merithra's Gambit
9. Triple Threat
10. Might of the Forest
11. Flight and Fight
12. The Ember Still Smolders

Amirdrassil's bloom begins! Fyrakk is desperate to break into the Wellspring of Life, and we must stop him.

We have won some early victories against Fyrakk's forces, but Ashendir Hartwood and Fyrakk continue to harry and deplete the forces of the Defenders of the Dream. Our allies have not been able to reach us.

Alexstrasza has discovered that Fyrakk is using flame wards to block our allies from joining us. The Life-binder herself takes to the skies in a risky maneuver to try and turn the tide.

The gambit paid off, and the forces of Azeroth have joined the battle in the Fields of Flame!

In a desperate ploy to buy time for Fyrakk, Ashendir Hartwood has transformed into a giant elemental to block our path. Fyrakk returns to break the barrier at the Wellspring of Life.

Fyrakk was forced to expend his shadowflame through the axe, Dream Render, to break the barrier. He has entered the Wellspring of Life, seeking to transform its life-giving flow to flame, and transform Amirdrassil.

1. The Bloom Begins
2. Forward Unto Fire
3. A Clash of Ice and Fire
4. Hazardous Horticulture
5. Defense of the Ancients
6. A Scrap of Hope
7. Fighting Fire With Fire
8. The Age of Mortals
9. Aerial Supremacy
10. Echo of the Firelands
11. Amirdrassil the Dream's Hope: Fyrakk
12. Essence of a Broken Dream (Item Starts Quest: Twisted Dreaming Essence) -- Drops from Gnarlroot in the Dream's Hope Raid
13. The Power of Dreams
14. The Power of Dreams, Awoken

Amirdrassil has blossomed into Azeroth! With its emergence, it has blessed the Aspects who have regained their true power. Join Tyrande and the others as they welcome this new beginning.

In a solemn ceremony of Elune, the night elves consecrated the moonwell beneath Amirdrassil. The other peoples of Azeroth celebrate the end of the Primalist threat.

With Bel'ameth founded beneath the boughs of Amirdrassil, Merithra says a tearful farewell to Ysera.

1. A Blossom Witnessed
2. A Changed Land
3. Auspicious Gathering
4. Offerings for the Well
5. New Moon
6. Something Worth Celebrating
7. A Different Enthusiasm
8. A Disquieting Feeling
9. Andu-Falah-Dor