A sign that Patch 3.1 is about to be deployed into live realms soon.  And that date might be in two weeks.  Blizzard Representative Ancilorn has announced Phase 3 of the 2009 Arena Tournament is ending next week. Keep working hard throughout the week to get your rewards. Phase 4 will start on April 15.

Blizzard Quote:
Phase 3 of the 2009 Arena Tournament will be ending next Tuesday, April 7, at 21.00 CEST. Please keep in mind that you have until the end of this phase to complete the 200 rated 3v3 games required to qualify for prizes. Participants must also remain on their team for the duration of the tournament to ensure prize eligibility. The Arena Tournament realms will be shut down for a week in preparation for Phase 4 of the tournament (the invitational ladder), which will determine who advances to the regional finals. Phase 4 will begin on Wednesday, April 15, after maintenance. For more information on the tournament, please visit our Arena Tournament information page:

To discuss the tournament with your fellow players, please visit the Arena Tournament Forum:

Thank you to all of the participants, and good luck to everyone who qualified for the invitational ladder!