After completing the Bastion zone’s core questline for the zone-wide achievement, Disciple Artemede gives you the dungeon quest Necrotic Wake: A Paragon’s Plight.

The quest starts at Xandria’s Vigil (40.88 55:30).

Until now, Maldraxxus had collaborated with the Kyrian as a force to protect the realms of the Shadowlands. But something has changed. Maldraxxus is now attacking the realms.

You must defeat Amarth the Reanimator and Nalthor the Rimebinder in the Necrotic Wake.



The corpulent mass of rotting flesh known as Blightbone was lovingly stitched together by Surgeon Stitchflesh to lead the vanguard of the assault upon the Temple of Courage.

When a player is marked with a red arrow on their head, Blightbone will retch towards that player in a wide cone area of effect. Carrion worms spawn. Kill all of the worms as fast as you can, or soon the team is overwhelmed and wipe. The carrion worm grow large and explode into Carrion Eruption spraying players with noxious goo which inflicts 1665 nature damage every 2 sec for 30 sec. That’s a sure wipe. Simply kill the worms asap.


Amarth is the powerful, sadistic leader of the necromancers of Zolramus (Necropolis floating above Xandria’s Vigil). He oversees the harvesting of corpses from atop his flying mount, the undead monstrosity Bonefang.

Your team needs to kill all the minions he summons before he explodes them around you.


Surgeon Stitchflesh is the mastermind behind the grisly abominations that are deployed from the floating fortress of Zolramus. He bends to his task with maniacal fervor, crafting the flesh of fallen enemies into undead constructs to be used in Maldraxxus’ wars.

Most of the encounter, Stitchflesh will be invulnerable standing idle on his platform. He will summon a creation (Abomination). Attack the abomination. A random player will be marked with a red arrow on their head. That player has to run toward Stitchflesh. As the circle on your feet draws to a close, run away. That’s when the abomination launches its hook. When Stitchflesh is caught by the hook, he is yanked off the platform toward the abomination. That’s when Stitchflesh becomes vulnerable to attacks. The tank needs to keep the abomination out of the way of where players need to position themselves to hook Stitchflesh, because the abomination leaves a large pool on the ground that kills players who stand on it for more than 3 seconds.


As a commander of the House of Rituals, the conniving Nalthor the Rimebinder leads the attack upon the unwitting kyran forces.

This lich has two main abilities. Comet Storm draws a round icy mark on the ground and it chases you for 3-4 seconds. Move away until it stops. When you are marked with Frozen Binds, move away from your team. It explodes causing heavy damage to nearby friendly players.

When Nalthor reaches 100 energy, he transports players below on the rim of the necropolis. You have to run to the end of the hallway and kill the minion caster. A kyrian will fly you back to the top of the Necropolis.

After completing the dungeon, you turn in at Hero’s Rest (51.04 46.79). Talk to Kalisthene to get your gold reward.

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