The first quest in the Pride of Kul Tiras achievement questline is obtained when Alliance players complete the Loremaster of Kul Tiras achievement which entails finishing the story quests in Drustvar, Tirigarde and Stormsong Valley.

The Pride of Kul Tiras questline sets the player into searching for Lady Jaina Proudmoore, last seen when her mother Katherine allowed Lady Ashven to take her into custody and to arrange her fate.

The questline culminates with the Siege of Boralus, and Katherine welcoming Lady Jaina and the Alliance. A requirement to unlock the Kul Tiran Allied Race.

Check out my quest videos list if you need help completing the “Loremaster of Kul Tiras” achievement.

Below is the list of quest videos for The Pride of Kul Tiras.

1. What You May Regret13. Fate's End
2. Lost Shipment14. Lost in Darkness
3. A Local Guide15. Of Myth and Fable
4. An Explosive Entrance16. The Old Bear
5. The Keys to Success in Freehold17. Nightmare Catcher
6. Sweete's Strongbox18. Buried Power
7. Tol Dagor: The Fourth Key19. Hatred's Focus
8. The Mysterious Island20. Waycrest Manor: Draining the Heartsbane
9. A Forlorn Hope21. Into Darkness
10. The Strength of the Storm22. Runic Resistance
11. Ritual Effects23. Thros, The Blighted Lands
12. Opening the Way24. Siege of Boralus: Lady Ashvane's Return
25. The Lord Admiral's Lament26. A Nation United

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