Shortly after arriving to Kul Tiras or Zandalar, players will see Magni Bronzebeard to acquire the Heart of Azeroth necklace. Later at level 120, after you have completed the three Footholds of the War Campaign and unlock World Quests, Magni provides a quest to unlock Azerite World Quests. Those provide extra Azerite Power to help level up the Heart of Azeroth’s level.


1. The Heart of Azeroth
2. Infusing the Heart
3. Azerite Madness (level 120 - Unlocks Azerite World Quests)
4. The Heart's Power
5. Unlocking The Heart's Potential (Honored Reputation with Champions of Azeroth)
6. The Chamber of Heart (Revered)

PATCH 8.1.5

1. A Brother's Help
2. Stubborn As a Bronzebeard
3. Necessity is the MOTHER
4. A One-Way Ticket to the Heart


The Green Dragonflight: Merithra

Meet with Kalecgos in the Chamber of Heart to pick up the quest: In Darkness, I Dream. The questline enlists the green dragonflight to obtain The Crucible of Flame (Rank 2).

1. Return to the Heart
2. In Darkness, I Dream
3. Enter the Dreamway
4. Shards of Emerald
5. Null the Void
6. Don't Close Your Eyes
7. We Must Go Deeper
8. Before I Wake
9. The Stuff Dreams Are Made Off
10. The Long Awake

The Red Dragonflight: Alexstrasza

Meet with Kalecgos in the Chamber of Heart to pick the quest: Investigating the Highlands. The questline enlists the red dragonflight to obtain The Crucible of Flame (Rank 3).

1. Investigating the Highlands
2. In the Shadow of Crimsong Wings

Healing Azeroth: A Fresh Trauma

This questline takes you to Mount Hyjal and the Maelstrom to heal scars in Azeroth that oozes Azerite. Lots of Azerite Power as reward.

1. A Fresh Trauma
2. Healing Nordrassil
3. Do it the Azerite Way
4. An Old Scar
5. Defending the Maelstrom
6. At the Azerite Time

The Blue Dragonflight: Kalecgos

Meet with Kalecgos in the Chamber of Heart to pick the quest: A Bolt from the Blue. The questline enlists the blue dragonflight to obtain The Crucible of Flame (Rank 4).

1. A Bolt From The Blue

You also unlock the Achievement: Power is Beautiful.


At the end of the Heart of Azeroth Questline, Magni rewards the player with a toy: Heart of a Champion. This toy allows you to hold the Heart of Azeroth on your character’s hand for 10 minutes while not moving. It has a 15 minutes cooldown and it is added to your Toy Box tab within the Collections UI.

1. We Stand United


Well, it was the finale of the Heart of Azeroth’s Crucible of Flame Questline up to Rank 4; but the story didn’t end by a long shot. With Patch 8.3 Visions of N’Zoth, we now have Wrathion (The Black Prince) in the Chamber of Heart, and lots of Magni action.

This is a list of videos I uploaded for the 8.3 Visions of N’Zoth questline that introduces Wrathion and the Horrific Visions.

"Return to the Black Prince" is obtained onscreen when you enter Dazar'alor
1. Return of the Black Prince
2. Where the Heart is
3. Network Diagnostics
4. A Titanic Problem
5. The Halls of Origination
6. To Ramkahen
7. The Uldum Accord
8. Surfacing Threats


"Forging Onward" is obtained onscreen when you enter the main building of Ramkahen in Uldum.
1. Forging Onward
2. It's Never Easy
3. The Mysterious Sigil
4. Clans of the Mogu
5. Finding the Rajani
6. Time-Lost Warriors
7. Proof of Tenacity
8. Curious Corruption
9. The Engine of Nalak'sha
10. Restored Hope
11. Magni's Findings
12. Power Protocol Initiation
13. Re-Origination
14. Investigating the Halls
15. Beginning the Descent
16. Deeper into the Darkness
17. Descending into Madness
18. Opening the Gateway
19. Into the Darkest Depths
20. Whispers in the Dark
21. Into Dreams
22. Accessing the Archives
23. Ny'alotha, the Waking City: The Corruptor's End
24. A Gathering of Champions
25. Warchief of the Horde



Players do these quests to upgrade their Wrathion Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve (Legendary Cloak)
1. Remnants of a Shattered World(Rank 2)
2. Reconstructing "The Curse of Stone"(Rank 3)
3. Reconstructing "The Curse of Stone"(Rank 4)
4. Stepping Through the Darkness(Rank 5)
5. Stepping Through the Darkness(Rank 6)
6. Reconstructing "Fear and Flesh"(Rank 7)
Reconstructing "Fear and Flesh" repeats through Rank 8-11 (You might have to queue twice per Rank to complete the objectives.
7. Walking in the Darkness(Rank 12)
8. Reconstructing "The Final Truth"(Rank 13)
9. Reconstructing "The Final Truth"(Rank 14)
10. Reconstructing "The Final Truth"(Rank 15)

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