Bwonsamdi is the spirit healer in Zandalar. After a player dies, Bwonsamdi has a few funny quotes reacting at seeing the player as a Ghost at the graveyard.

The cool stuff is that the quotes have voice over, and you can now get the context of his comments, the innuendo, the sarcasm…. and the evil mustache-twirl mocking.

Bwonsamdi Quotes

“Well look at you! Da mighty hero… ha!”

“What you be doin’ here, mon? It not your time to pass on… yet.”

“Oh, da spirits be with ya now, mon.”

“Tsk, tsk. I did not expect to be seein’ ya here so soon.”

“No, no, no, ya no good to me dead. I be able to return ya to life… for a price.”

“Let me guess… ya got in over ya head?”

“Haha! Now dat was an impressive death!”

“Ah, ya come ta spend some quality time with Bwonsamdi?”

“Oh, poor little thing, ya be needin’ some help from old Bwonsamdi?”


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