Where’s My Wolf?!

Karg Bloodfury: My frost wolf, Nerok, was captured with me and the others. I do not know where they are keeping him, but I’ll bet the so-called “beastmaster” who dragged us here does.

He is at the beast pens nearby, boasting about his catch to the younger hunters.

We’ll see how he boasts with my axe in his skull.


Quest Objectives

Slay Beastmaster Torash and free Nerok in Grom’gar.



Note: As soon as you fight anything, Lokra will call for Asha. The spirit of Asha comes to your aid.

Lokra: Asha! To me!

Karg Bloodfury: Face my axe!

Beastmaster Torash: URGH! Damn… unruly dogs…


Karg Bloodfury: You should have killed me when you had the chance. Now where is my wolf?!

Beastmaster Torash: Heh… that mutt… (cough) is being broken… with the other beasts.

(Beastmaster Torash slain: 1/1)

Lokra: Being broken? Nerok would die before he obeyed them!

Karg Bloodfury: I know. We’d better find him before that happens.

(Nerok freed: 1/1)


Karg Bloodfury: Come, brother. You are free now.

(Nerok sniffs Lokra and whines.)

Lokra: You smell Asha, don’t you? I… am sorry, Nerok. I failed to protect her.

Karg Bloodfury: So many brothers and sisters lost…




Karg Bloodfury: Nerok and I are the only surviving prisoners, but we cannot leave just yet.


Return to the main hub for Frostfire Ridge (Horde Quests) in Warlords of Draenor, or continue below the Story Achievement: Beneath Thunder’s Fall.

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5.The Strength of our Bonds10.Return to the Pack