Karg Unchained

Karg Bloodfury: They took my brothers and sisters.

They took my wolf.

(Karg lifts his axe and fixes his gaze upon its edge.)

Now we take their heads.


Quest Objectives

Slay 25 Thunderlord orcs in Grom’gar.



Note: Remember this area has Thunderlord orcs, Blackrock Siegesmiths and Blackrock Warders. Don’t waste time killing Blackrock orcs. They do not credit any updates toward finishing this quest. If you running out of Thunderlord, some of the huts have Thunderlord Apprentices, and the interior of the colossus skeleton has a huge underground cavern full of them. However, Lokra and Karg will despawn inside Grom’gar. To turn in the quest simply go outside the Grom’gar cave.



(Karg scoops up a handful of snow and cleans the gore from his axe.)

Karg Bloodfury: You fight well.


Return to the main hub for Frostfire Ridge (Horde Quests) in Warlords of Draenor, or continue below the Story Achievement: Siege of Bladespire Fortress.

1.Den of Wolves7.Great Balls of Fire
2.Rally the Frostwolves8.The Butcher of Bladespire
3.Honor has its Rewards9.To The Slaughter
4.Gormaul Watch10.Armed and Dangerous
5.These Colors Don't Run11.Last Steps
6.Deeds Left Undone
Below - These quests aren't required for the achievement. These are quests found at Bladespire Fortress
12.Slavery and Strife17.The Warlord's Guard
13.Mulverick's Plight18.The Cure
14.Mulverick's Offer of Service19.The Fall of the Warlord
15.The Slavemaster's Demise20.Wanted: Gutsmash the Destroyer
16.Mopping Up21.Of Fire and Thunder
The "Beneath the Thunder's Fall" Achievement begins with this quest given by Durotan
21.Securing the South