Thaldraszus is the last zone in the Dragonflight expansion. Players are sent to Valdrakken to report to the Seat of the Aspects. There, Alexstrasza requests your help to secure the Southern Gate. Afterwards, Nozdormu sends you to assist his Timewalkers at the Shifting Sands. Chromie and an Infinite Dragon named Eternus duel and accidentally get tossed out of control into the timestream. You are tasked with searching for Chromie across different time eras and alternate realities to unstuck Chromie and return her to the present. The Time Management questline gives us a glimpse of things to come with a warning: the time of Murozond’s birth is nigh.

The Primalists take control of a Titan facility, and prevent Alexstrasza from reawakening the power of the Dragonflights with the Mother Oathstone. That ends the Thaldraszus Questline. Alexstrasza asks you to save Azeroth once more by entering into the Vault of the Incarnates (the first Dragonflight Raid dungeon).

Thaldraszus Questline

Sojourner of Thaldraszus Achievement Questline

Look to the Overlook     Valdrakken   /way 56.43 40.86 (Top of the Seat of the Aspects)
What Once was Ours
The Forward Push
Prime Planning
The Land Awakens
Primal List

Optional Quests


Valdrakken is the new Dalaran or Oribos of the Dragonflight expansion. You can find the Orgrimmar and Stormwind Portals, Profession Trainers, Vendors, an Auction House, an Inn, a Bank, Void Storage, Transmogrifier, Barber and even Madam Goya’s Black Market (outside of the city, about 300 yards down of the city’s western cliff, inside a cave structure).

One important role of Valdrakken is that it has a massive tower. At the bottom of the Tower, you go up the stairs to click a portal that takes you to the top of the tower: The Seat of the Aspects. From there you can use Dragonriding to reach almost everywhere in the Thaldraszus zone. Just mount your dragonride mount, hover down the tower and fly in any direction using your vigor diamonds and dragonriding talents smartly to reach your destination.

To view the full size map, right-click the image below, then choose OPEN IMAGE IN NEW TAB. Then click the map in the new tab to zoom in.

There is also a Dragonriding Trainer where you can upgrade your Dragonriding mount via a talent tree UI. The Dragonriding Trainer is located on the western side of Valdrakken, up a series of stairs.