The Ohn’ahran Plains questline have you assisting the Maruuk centaur in their mundane tasks around the zone, but also to prepare for their meeting with Merithra of the Emerald Dragonflight. Over ten thousand years ago, the Maruuk arrived to what’s known as the Dragon Isles and formed an alliance with the Emerald Dragons and Ohn’ahra. This page collects all the Ohn’ahran Plains questline, and the Sojourner of Ohn’ahran Plains quest videos.

Some of the NPC dialogues describing the zone backstory is found at the bottom of this page.

Ohn’ahran Plains Questline

You arrived in the Ohn'ahran Plains to reach the green dragonflight and help them empower the Emerald Oathstone. To do so, you had to establish diplomacy with the Maruuk centaur so that you could cross their lands.

You met Scout Tomul of Clan Shikaar and aided her hunting party in taking down a proto-dragon. She introduced you to Sansok Khan, the deaf leader of Clan Shikaar. She shared that the green dragons were sending an emissary to the centaur's upcoming gathering and agreed to bring you along if you pulled your weight.

You traveled alongside the caravan, sharing stories and hunting alongside them during the journey. You helped their mystic, Ohn Seshteng, receive a bleak omen from their god, Ohn'ahra, before arriving in Maruukai.

Into the Plains achievement
1. Into the Plains
2. Proving Oneself
3. Welcome at our Fire
4. The Shikaar
5. Making Introductions
6. Supplies for the Journey
7. Toward the City
8. For Food and Rivalry
9. Mysterious Beast
10. By Broken Road
11. Connection to Ohn'ahra
12. Omens on the Wind
13. Maruukai

You arrived in Maruukai for the centaur gathering, the Khural. You met the other powerful clans of the plains.

You met Clan Teerai, the tradition keepers, and helped cook an offering for the ancestors.

You met Clan Ohn'ir mystics and helped clarify an earlier omen, revealing that Ohn'ahra is in danger.

You met Clan Nokhud, the warriors, and sparred with them.

You met the emerald emissary, Gemisath, and learned that the green dragons needed the centaurs' aid to push back a Primalist threat. As the centaur leader, the Khanam Matra, agreed to help Gemisath, the Nokhud Khan Balakar arrived and killed Gemisath, throwing his lot in with the Primalists. You defeated his forces that launched an attack on Maruukai.

Maruukai achievement
1. Clan Teerai
2. Honoring our Ancestors
3. Clan Ohn'ir
4. Omens and Incense
5. Clan Nokhud
6. Unwelcome Outsider
7. Clans of the Plains
8. The Emissary's Arrival
9. The Khanam Matra
10. Trucebreakers
11. Covering their Tails
12. The Nokhud Threat

The Khanam Matra shared that she must blow the ancient Horn of Drusahl to answer the dragons' call for an alliance, but she needs Ohn'ahra's blessing. She sent you to her clan's home to ready her forces for war and connect with the mystics.

You spread the news of war and meet Boku, an anxious mystic who cannot hear Ohn'ahra. You accompanied him to find the other mystics at Ridgewater Retreat and find that Clan Nokhud has attacked. After saving some of the initiates, the Ohn'ir leader Tigari Khan sent you and Boku to find Ohn'ahra.

You discovered the Primalists and Nokhud attacking Windsong Rise as Koroleth tried to capture Ohn'ahra. Though you attempted to stop her, Koroleth knocked the two of you off the cliff and out of her way.

Ohn'ahra's Blessing achievement
1. Hooves of War
2. The Calm Before the Storm
3. Boku the Mystic
4. Pessimistic Mystic
5. Mystic Mystery
6. Toting Totems
7. Taken by Storm
8. Catching Wind
9. Weather Control
10. Eagle-itarian
11. Fowl Sorcery
12. Oh No, Ohn'ahra!
13. A Storm of ill Tidings


This series of quests scattered around the zone are not part of the core story quests, but grant the Sojourner of Ohn’ahran Plains achievement.

These are all the quest videos related to the Sojourner of Ohn’ahran Plains achievement.

Most of the Maruuk Centaur backstory is told during the quest Toward the City which has you walk alongside the centaur in a caravan trip along the road toward the Maruukai city. There is also a Lore NPC that reveals more backstory when you ask and that’s all he does (no quests involved). I’m transcribing both stories here. (SPOILERS beyond this line).


These quests are optional and do not provide achievements. Simply provide XP, gold, gear and/or utility items.

1. Orientation: Maruukai
2. Observing the Wind
3. Emberwatch | Referral to start the Sojourner of Ohn'ahran Plains: Nelthazan Ruins questline
LGBTQ+ Marriage Proposal
A. Shikaar Giver
B. Bloodlines, Sweets, and Teerai
C. After my own Heart
Cultural Exchange | Unlocks at Maruuk Centaur Renown Level 3
To Adorn Your Head | Unlocks at Maruuk Centaur Renown Level 7
Hatchling Plans | Unlocks at Maruuk Centaur Renown Level 8
License to Hunt


Call of the Hunt IRenown 5
Call of the PlainsRenown 4
Hunting Tactics: CompanionRenown 9
More Hunting Trophies
Hunting Tactics: Blessing of Ohn'ahraRenown 10
A Useful CuriosityRenown 11
Whistling RocksRenown 11
Hunting Tactics: Companion TrainingRenown 12
Mantle of FriendshipRenown 13
Centaur Alchemy IRenown 13
Befriending Wings and WindRenown 14
A Gift of KnowledgeRenown 14
Understanding Their GraceRenown 14Drakewatcher Manuscripts II: You may acquire two new Drakewatcher Manuscripts for your Windborne Velocidrake (Spiked Tail, Long Snout) from Quartermaster Huseng in Maruukai.
Getting To The PointRenown 17Centaur Armaments III: You may acquire cosmetic appearances of centaur weapons and shields from Weaponmaster Aloom in Maruukai.
An Expected Unexpected GiftRenown 19Drakewatcher Manuscripts III: You may acquire two new Drakewatcher Manuscripts to provide Green Scales to your Highland Drake and/or Cliffside Wylderdrake from Quartermaster Huseng in Maruukai.
Hunting Tactics: Proof of ProwessRenown 20Call of the Hunt VI: You become even stronger while hunting beside the Maruuk Centaurs.

Shikaar Stories: The Maruuk Society

Okir: The Maruuk centaur include many individual clans across the plains. There are four of us who hold the most power: Clans Teerai, Shikaar, Nokhud, and Ohn’ir. Their leader, the Khanam Matra, is the cultural khan of all Maruuk. All khanam matras can trace their bloodlines back to our first matriarch, Teera. We of Clan Shikaar are the strongest hunters. You can find our camps spread throughout the plains, following the patterns of wildlife and game.

Scout Tomul: Clan Nokhud has recently come to power. A generation ago, Jhakan Khan led his people to defeat Clan Toghus, taking their place of power amongst the plains. His son, Balakar Khan, now leads this clan. His father was a man of honor, but Balakar Khan did not inherit his father’s patience or wisdom.

Ohn Seshteng: My clan, Clan Ohn’ir, is made up of those who feel a direct connection to our god, Ohn’ahra. She guided our founders, Maruuk and Teera, to the Dragon Isles, and she has watched over our people ever since. The mystics of Clan Ohn’ir are initiated from many different clans, but we all followed Ohn’ahra’s call to serve her and our people.

Okir: The clans have our differences, but we share one culture. No matter our strengths and weaknesses, we are all Maruuk.

Belika: Two-foot, you’ve fought many foes in your time, yes? You will have to share some stories.

Scout Tomul: Have I shared the tale of my first kill, Belika? A mightly hornstrider with horns as tall as its legs were long! I keep its horn as a trophy.

Okir: It was a good kill, Tomul. My first was a mighty bear of ice and snow, deep in the frozen tundra of the Azure Span. My bakar and I knew no equals then. We were the talk of the following Khural!

(Note: The Khural is a time of truce amongst the four Maruuk clans: Teerai, Shikaar, Nokhud, and Ohn’ir).


Aru: The Horn of Drusahl will be visible once we cross the bridge. You must see it, two-foot!

Okir: Ah, yes. The horn represents the ancient pact formed by Teera and a green dragon named Merithra. Their friendship ended a long enmity between dragons and Maruuk. Afterward, the centaur hunted the plains, and the dragons tended the gardens. But they agreed to help one another in times of need. The Horn of Drusahl was built as a physical manifestation of their oath.

Scout Tomul: But then, the dragons left. And after ten thousand years, they return to these lands! I am interested to hear what the Khanam Matra says about that.

Ohn Seshteng: We are guided by Ohn’ahra, Tomul. It was she who granted us these lands, who arbitrated with the dragons. She knows the way. Ohn’ahra, the Skymother, ancestor of all ohuna. She who led our founders, Maruuk and Teera, to the plains. My clanmates interpret her songs to advise our people.

Ohn Seshteng

I was born of Clan Toghus, a clan that once held major power in the plains. As a foal I showed signs of a strong natural connection to Ohn’ahra. An honor as it was to be blessed by our sky mother, I left my clan behind to join Clan Ohn’ir.

With Clan Ohn’ir I found my new home. I trained to hone my connection to Ohn’ahra, rising through the ranks from initiate to windsage to now Ohn. We of Clan Ohn’ir are spread throughout the plains, found doing everything from maintaining singing stones to advising khans.

I currently have the honor of advising Sansok Khan with the skymother’s words. One day I shall return to my clan and another shall take my place.

The Khural Communion

Okir: Maruukai is just ahead. It is a grand and sacred meeting place. Centaur from all around the plains gather there. Each season we meet for the Khural, a time of truce and communion. Clans large and small come together, sharing our resources and our stories.

Ohn Seshteng: I do look forward to reconnecting to my peers. Perhaps Tigari Khan can help me decipher this omen from the river.

Shikaar Scout yells: The caravan from Timberstep Outpost approaches. The final khan has arrived!

Scout Tomul: I am going to avoid the Nokhud. They antagonize everybody at these things.

Okir: The rest of the Shikaar should have already arrived from the other camps. Our rise should be well settled by the time we arrive. It seems the other clans beat us here. Between our outsider and the green dragon emissary, this should be a Khural to remember.

Maruuk and Teera

Note: Storykeeper Jaru is found in Maruukai. His only purpose is to share the story (optional).

Storykeeper Jaru: Marruk tales are handed down through the generations through our storytellers. It is a sacred role, rooted in tradition. We tell these stories to pay respect to our ancestors and remind ourselves of what matters. Which story would you like to hear?

(Maruuk and Teera)

Storykeeper Jaru: Ten thousand years ago, the demons invaded our world. Through portals ripped through our reality, they marched. Endless. Unstoppable. Unyielding. Ancient clans of centaur fought and died, hungry for war and blood. Then rose Maruuk Thousandbones, the Slaughterer of the Endless, to cut through these invaders.

When he arose for breath, he stood upon a pile of demon corpses one thousand strong, earning his name. He returned to his clan, limping and wounded, to heal.

But the other clans were not sated by the demon blood. Maruuk was too strong a warrior to live. They spread rumors that his wounds left him too weak to lead, then sent assassins in the night to murder him in his sleep. His partner, Teera, the Guidemother, took up her bow and slayed the assassins. She charged into the tents of the other clan leaders, claiming their cowardly heads, as they were, in turn, too weak to lead.

With the sun’s rising, Teera exposed this treachery against Maruuk. Though her actions deemed just, she rejected the clans. She and Maruuk set off to forge a new path for the future. Behind them formed a new clan, inspired by their honor.

They traveled across Kalimdor in search of a new home. The wind seemed to bless them, traveling alongside them and guiding their hooves. They walked for many moons before arriving in our blessed plains. Then, Ohn’ahra appeared before them, singing her song of a new beginning; a new home.

After seeing his people’s new home, Maruuk was at peace. The infections in his wounds took him, his spirit guided to the sky by his peoples’ chanting. They took his name upon themselves.

To Teera they turned to direction. She led with strength, never faltering. She led the centaur to solidify themselves as a strong force in these lands, striking a deal with the dragons herself. Time passed. Though the world sundered and the dragons left the isles, the centaur remained steadfast. With the guidance of Teera, by the grace of Ohn’ahra, the wind, they harnessed the powers of their new home, creating a legacy that lasts to this day.

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