Into the Boneslag

Lokra: The Thunderlords took prisoners into the Boneslag?

Well what are we waiting for?! We have to go after them!

You look for the missing villagers – Asha and I will track Karg.


Quest Objectives

Search the Boneslag for the missing Frostwolf orcs.



Lokra: Asha! Let’s go, girl. Karg and Nerok are in trouble!

(Roknor found: 1/1)

It’s too late for this one.


(Makar Stonebinder found: 1/1)

Makar Stonebinder: Hngg… huh? I could hear Lokra… moments ago… Ah, but she is the hunter, not the quarry. And ahead of the pack as usual…

Note: Two Thunderlord (level 91) will jump out of the blue on you from above (aggro you even through stealth).


(Gana Surehide found: 1/1)

Gana Surehide: Shhh… not so loud! Thank you. Mother must be worried sick about me! I can get back to the outpost from here. Find me if you need leatherworking!

Note: Gana Surehide is on the ground chained. There are three Coldsnouts (boars) near her with 10,502 health each.




Lokra: Thank you for finding the others. Karg and his captor are one stop ahead of us, but they’re limping.


Return to the main hub for Frostfire Ridge (Horde Quests) in Warlords of Draenor, or continue below the Story Achievement: Beneath Thunder’s Fall.

1.Securing the South6.Where's My Wolf?!
2.They Who Held Fast7.Enfilade
3.Into the Boneslag8.Karg Unchained
4.Moving Target9.The Master Siegesmith
5.The Strength of our Bonds10.Return to the Pack