They Who Held Fast

Lokra: The siege has been broken – they underestimated the resilience of Stonefang, and our reinforcement wave from Bladespire caught them completely off-guard.

Once we finish cleaning up heer, we rally anyone who can still fight and prepare to march for Grom’gar.

The outpost captain, Karg Bloodfury, should have come out to meet us by now. Can you get him out here?

Tell him Lokra is waiting. He knows how much I hate to be kept waiting.


Quest Objectives

Speak with Karg Bloodfury in Stonefang Outpost.



Lokra: You hear that, Asha? Karg is coming. That means you get to play with Nerok!

(Asha howls in excitement.)

Frostwolf Warrior: You look lost, outsider! What is your business here?

Karg? Yea, I saw him. He saved my life – took on five of those filthy Thunderlords by himself.

He had ’em, too. Until the Iron Wolf showed up riding the biggest, meanest rylak I’ve ever seen. Snatched him up and carried him away.

They took others, too. Dragged ’em down into the canyon. Ask around, find out who’s gone missing.


(Speak with Matron Suma: 1/1)

Matron Suma: I haven’t seen Makar in some time. His healing skills are desperately needed!


(Speak with Rota Surehide: 1/1)

Rota Surehide: One of those things grabbed my daughter Gana! Dragged her away in chains like an animal!


(Speak with Dungar Frostmane: 1/1)

Dungar Frostmane: My stable hand, Roknor tried to fight off one of those rylaks with a pitchfork and got himself dragged down into the Boneslag!




Lokra: You’re back! But where is Karg?


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2.They Who Held Fast7.Enfilade
3.Into the Boneslag8.Karg Unchained
4.Moving Target9.The Master Siegesmith
5.The Strength of our Bonds10.Return to the Pack