Battered Journal: As the journal writing devolves into dark ramblings in jagged writting, one entry stands out.

“Ulthalesh. The name rings in my head. I can hear it calling, but where?”

“The spirits… the very land here is tied to it. It is no wonder we would so often get lost in this place. The forces would pull the mark on my compass in every which way…”

“Perhaps if it had a stronger pull, the compass could point the way…”



Quest Objectives

Find the compass mentioned in the journal in Ariden’s Camp.



NOTE: The compass is on the other side of the tent, on the table.

To Point the Way



Revil Kosh: Is that the one? There definitely seems to be something wrong with this compass. It seems to be trying to point in all directions at once.


To Point the Way


1. The Sixth8. The Fate of Deadwind
2. The New Blood9. The Dark Riders
3. The Tome of Blighted Implements10. The Power Posessed
4. Ulthalesh, the Deadwind Harvester11. The Heart of the Dreadscar
5. Following the Curse12. Power Overwhelming
6. Disturbing the Past13. Rebuilding the Council
7. To Point the Way14. The Path of the Dreadscar
Class Artifacts Questlines


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