Blizzard Entertainment published the first World of Warcraft: Legion Audio Drama titled The Tomb of Sargeras — Part One: The Fate of Another, by Robert Brooks, and narrated by Steven Pacey.

You can read the transcript while listening to the Audio Drama. Available also in iTunes and soon on Spotify (Google Play)

Legion Audio Drama

The story takes us to the shores of the Broken Isles, likely Azsuna, where Gul’dan arrives after stealing a boat in the Eastern Kingdoms. Khadgar is hot on his heels, trying to find him. Khadgar meets with Maiev Shadowsong briefly. In-game you find her brother Jarod in Azsuna, who has come to rescue her from Black Rook Hold.

If Maiev is in this audio drama, then we might have some background on what happened before she was captured. This is only Part One.

Legion Audio Drama – Tomb of Sargeras (Part One)



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