Blizzard Entertainment released another amazing World of Warcraft: Legion animated short. The second of the Harbingers series trio focuses on Khadgar.

Khadgar arrives to Karazhan seeking knowledge on how to defeat the Burning Legion. Something odd I found in this animated short is that Khadgar is surprised to see Medivh. It seems Medivh died a second time before Warlords of Draenor. Odd in that nowhere in-game, in novels, comics, or in the web short stories have we heard of Medivh’s demise.



It was sorta implied that Khadgar had acquired Atiesh, Medivh’s staff, shortly before Warlords of Draenor started, but we were never given an explanation of how he acquired it.

Originally, Medivh died when Sir Anduin Lothar beheaded him in the mirror tower of Karazhan, beneath Karazhan — as seen in Warcraft: The Last Guardian.

In the same novel, we see Khadgar burying the beheaded corpse of Medivh, and seconds later … a future Medivh appeared before Khadgar at the burial site. Medivh had been resurrected in the future and had timetraveled to the past to that burial moment.

Later on, in the pages of World of Warcraft: Cycle of Hatred (by Keith R.A. DeCandido), we learned that shortly before Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos — Aegwynn used the remnants of her guardian powers to resurrect Medivh. That’s why we saw him alive in Warcraft III.

The last time we ever saw Medivh again was in the pages of World of Warcraft: Twilight of the Aspects (by Christie Golden), when he appeared before Thrall to guide him how to find the lost-in-time Nozdormu. It’s difficult to pinpoint if that Medivh was from that alternate universe, if he was the Medivh from the normal-universe hopping throughout time, or else.

The fact is that Medivh recognized Thrall in that alternate universe, and he knew what Thrall’s mission was.

“Greetings, son of Durotan. I knew you’d find your way.” Medivh! The great mage had come to Thrall in a dream, telling him to follow. Thrall had obliged, and Medivh had rewarded his persistence. Except hadn’t he been human during this conversation? Thrall tried to remember what he had said. “It was you I saw in the vision. Who are you? How do you know me?” The raven cocked its ebony head. “I know many things, young warchief, about you and your people. For instance, I know that right now, you are looking for Nozdormu.”

Thrall’s jaw dropped. “You are out of time … in many ways. Know that I have seen the future and beheld the burning shadow that came to consume your world. And in glimpsing that future, I have seen others. I will tell you what I may, but you must do the rest.”

Thrall suddenly laughed, wondering why he was at all surprised. This was, after all, Medivh. Whatever he was, jumping around in time was probably not beyond him.

Source: World of Warcraft: Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects (p. 139, Kindle)


The fact is we don’t know how Khadgar got ahold of Atiesh, and Harbingers: The Story of Khadgar is shockingly hinting that Medivh died. Otherwise, Khadgar wouldn’t have been surprised to see Medivh in Karazhan (Post-Hellfire Citadel’s The Black Gate).

I feel that Blizzard owes us some kind of Graphic Novel, or short stories to explain what’s up with these missing lore bits.

Regardless, this Harbingers: The Story of Khagdar is awesome, and if you haven’t played World of Warcraft: Legion beta, hopefully you are looking forward to play that new adventure with this animated short series. It’s worth and enjoyable.

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Harbingers: The Story of Khadgar

Khadgar: Once again, the Burning Legion has returned. Stronger. More determined than ever before, I ventured to Karazhan on a mission of desperation.



Khadgar: Show yourself!

Medivh: My apprentice returns. It’s good to see you again Khadgar.

Khadgar: Medivh?! How?

Medivh: My spirit is bound to this tower.

Khadgar: Of course. Medivh, there is so much I need–

Medivh: You look terrible, my friend. Why have you come here?



Khadgar: The Burning Legion invades again. I come seeking the knowledge that you kept here. Anything that can help me stand against them.

Medivh: Defeating the Legion this time will take more than some spell, I’m afraid. You came seeking knowledge, but what you need is a weapon.

Khadgar: I don’t understand.

Medivh: You defeated me when I was consumed by fel madness; but you never took the next step toward your destiny. It is time Azeroth had a guardian once again.

Khadgar: A guardian? After your failings, it was decided that none can resist the temptation of such power. We don’t need a guardian, Medivh.



Medivh: Then… I ask again: Why are you here? If not a guardian, if not you, then who can stop the approaching storm? If you can’t embrace your fate, then all you have accomplished, all you have sacrificed, will have been for nothing.

Khadgar: Even if I said yes, none now remains to bestow the powers of the guardian upon me.

Medivh: I remain. I knew this day would come.



Medivh: Before my death, I imbued this tome with an echo of my essence. Open it. Absorb its energies as your own.

Khadgar: No. I cannot.

Medivh: But shouldn’t the fate of Azeroth not rest in your hands, Khadgar? Accept your desires. Show the Legion the true might of a guardian. Be honest with yourself, if not with me.



Medivh: You know you are destined for this.



Khadgar: Oh, it is true. I have fought about becoming the guardian every day. Even now, I desire it. I yearn for the Legion to cringe before the fury I would unleash. And that is why I can never accept your offer.

(The spirit of Medivh was a deception. It transforms back into its former form: a dreadlord)



Dreadlord: Hahahaha… your will is strong. My brethren were right. You would serve the Legion well.

Khadgar: I will never be the Legion’s pawn; and this tower will not be ITS DEN!!!



Khadgar: I came to Karazhan seeking knowledge, but what I found was a reminder that no single person, not even a guardian, can stand against the Legion alone.



Khadgar: As before, we must band together. United. For Azeroth!!!



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