Blizzard Entertainment released the last of the World of Warcraft: Legion short animated series — Harbingers: Illidan. In this new story, a disciple of Illidan confronts him with a question: Demonic energies run through our veins and gnaw at our every thought. What makes us any different than the Burning Legion?. At the end, she gets her answer; and thus setting in a silver-lining why you must choose to play as a Demon Hunter.

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Credits: Directed by Marc Messenger. Art by Laurel Austin. Written by Andrew Robinson. — source


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Blizzard Entertainment released another amazing World of Warcraft: Legion animated short. The second of the Harbingers series trio focuses on Khadgar.

Khadgar arrives to Karazhan seeking knowledge on how to defeat the Burning Legion. Something odd I found in this animated short is that Khadgar is surprised to see Medivh. It seems Medivh died a second time before Warlords of Draenor. Odd in that nowhere in-game, in novels, comics, or in the web short stories have we heard of Medivh’s demise.



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Blizzard Entertainment recently launched the Harbingers short-animated series starting with Gul’dan. In this story, Gul’dan is exiled by his orcish tribe because of his physical deformity which makes him weak before the eye of his chieftain. The tribe’s shaman suggested Gul’dan to visit the Throne of the Elements in search for his destiny. However, the elements abandon Gul’dan in his lowest moment of desperation. Hungry, hopeless, lonely.

However, the Burning Legion listened to Gul’dan’s plea, and empowered him with fel magic. Gul’dan then killed the tribe that exiled him. No one will know what tribe spawned him.


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