Ritssyn Flamescowl: We are ready to begin the ritual when you are, warlock. Be prepared, the summoning we perform today will be more difficult than any you have witnessed. Are you ready?

The New Blood


Quest Objectives

Complete the summoning ritual with the Council of the Black Harvest in the Circle of Wills in Dalaran.



Ritssyn Flamescowl: The sixth is here, let us begin. Zelifrax will lead us in the ritual. You have studied the rites, gnome?

Zelifrax Wobblepox: Yea, yea. Don’t worry about me, hothead, I know what needs to be done. Akris nor-menoth! I’ll need everyone to channel on the portal. This ritual will require our unwavering concentration.

The New Blood


Shinfel Blightsworn: Our concentration is of little concern. I just hope the new blood can keep up. Care to begin?


NOTE: Hover your cursor over the portal until you see an interactive hand cursor, and click the portal to begin channeling the ritual.


Zelifrax Wobblepox: Yes, you are indeed powerful, warlock. The ritual begins! Kirest-alak yrthog norush…

Jubeka Shadowbreaker: Be prepared, we’re drawing deeper into the nether than ever accomplished. Who knows what we might find.

Zelifrax: Wobblepox: Gal nortalesh da val…

Ritssyn Flamescowl: Hold steady… I sense a being of great power on the other side…

Zelifrax Wooblepox: Zor-arik var… um… telosh?

Ritssyn Flamescowl: Zelifrax!

Zelifrax Wooblepox: Um… or was it teloth?

Jubeka Shadowbreaker: Oh no, the portal!

Jagganoth: Who dares summon me?



Zelifrax Wobblepox: It is I, Zelifrax Wooblepox! You will serve me, demon!

Jagganoth: Trifling gnome!

Zelifrax Wooblepox: Aieeeeee!

Jagganoth: Such foolish mortals, to think you could enslave the mighty Jagganoth! It is you who will be made to serve!



Discovered: Jagganoth’s Lair


STAGE 1: Far from Home — Listen to Ritssyn.

Ritssyn Flamescowl: SO the new blood awakens. It looks like you were spared the brunt of the pit lord’s assault. If only all of us were so lucky… It seems we are his prisoners now, in what appears to be a Legion portal world. I can only imagine what sort of horrors he has planned for us. Personally, I would rather not find out. Ungh… I… can’t… focus.


STAGE 2: The Dread Warden — Enslave the Jailer Beshtal to free yourself from his cage, then defeat him with Risstyn’s aid.

New Objectives: Beshtal enslaved. Escape the Jailer.


Ritssyn Flamescowl: Quickly… before our jailer turns his attention to us. You may be able to control him long enough…



Beshtal: I… obey… What trickery is this? No one escapes my cells!



Ritssyn Flamescowl: Leave me! I will not be your burden!



Calydus: Wait! Please don’t hurt Calydus! Calydus is servant to cruel, cruel Jagganoth. He abuses and mocks poor Calydus so. But you! You could be his undoing! Calydus will distract the sentries. Find your friends, and we will meet again soon!



NOTE: Calydus shapeshifts into a gnome.


Dreadscar Sunderer: A prisoner has escaped! After him!

NOTE: The mini-map displays the location of the other Council of the Black Harvest members.


Jubeka Shadowbreaker: I… was nearly gone there. Thank you.

Dreadscar Torturer: Your silence cannot last forever, worgen!

Zinnin Smythe: …



Discovered: Dreadscar Rift


Shinfel Blightsworn: Is that the best you’ve got, demon? I thought your kind knew how to torture.

Dreadscar Torturer: Enjoy your words while your mind can still form them, worm!



Shinfel Blightsworn: I appreciate the assistance, warlock. These demons are dreadfully boring.

Jubeka Shadowbreaker: Wait… where is Risstyn?

Shinfel Blightsworn: The orc was too badly injured to follow. No matter, the four of us should suffice to control that pit lord, now that we are prepared. That is still our goal, yes?



NOTE: Click the barrier control pylons to deactivate the fel barrier.



Zinnin Smythe: …

Shinfel Blightsworn: Fine then, worgen. We will see if we can find a way out of this place. But if the opportunity presents itself, I say we take it!

Jubeka Shadowbreaker: Very well…

Shinfel Blightsworn: What is that thing?

Calydus: Calydus is friend, you’ll see! Jagganoth hunts powerful artifacts, which friend could use to rule this place!

Shinfel Blightsworn: Rule? I like the sound of that.



Jubeka Shadowbreaker: Careful, Shinfel. How do we know we can trust this thing?


STAGE 5: The Pit Lord’s Secrets — Follow Calydus to the archives to uncover information about the artifacts Jagganoth hunts.


Calydus: You can trust Calydus! Come, to the archives! It’s not far!



Nelach, the All-Seeing: I see… intruders!

Nelach dies.

Nelach, the All-Seeing: I see… nothing…

Jubeka Shadowbreaker: This is amazing! Think of how much we could learn from these tomes!

Shinfel Blightsworn: Not to mention the power we could gain through them.

Calydus: This way! This is the tome you seek, friend!




Calydus: Let us take it and leave this place, before Jagganoth discovers us!


FINAL STAGE: To Fight Another Day — Escape from Jagganoth’s Lair.


Jagganoth: Insolent wretches!

Shinfel Blightsworn: It would appear we’ve been discovered.

Jagganoth: Fools! Did you think you could escape my grasp so easily?

Shinfel Blightsworn: Ung… unhand me!



Jagganoth: You meddling warlocks are testing my patience. It is time you face the consequence!

Jubeka Shadowbreaker: Shinfel, no!

Jagganoth: I will smash you like the insignificant gnats you are! Burn! Burn in fel fire!



Calydus: Flee, friend! We must escape through the gateway!

Jubeka Shadowbreaker: Zinnin, look out!

Jagganoth: Your skull will make a fine trophy!

Jubeka Shadowbreaker: Zinnin…


Jubeka Shadowbreaker: Oh no!

(Jubeka is injured to one of those fel meteors, too)

Jubeka Shadowbreaker: Ung… press on, warlock… close the portal!

Jagganoth: No! You cannot escape! I will burn you to cinders!


Jagganoth: This is not over, warlock! I will see the end of you!


Escape from Dreadscar Rift: 1/1




Calydus: Calydus is sorry we couldn’t save your friends, but they may survive if we hurry. Jagganoth will torture them, yes, but he likes to keep them alive.


The New Blood


1. The Sixth8. The Fate of Deadwind
2. The New Blood9. The Dark Riders
3. The Tome of Blighted Implements10. The Power Posessed
4. Ulthalesh, the Deadwind Harvester11. The Heart of the Dreadscar
5. Following the Curse12. Power Overwhelming
6. Disturbing the Past13. Rebuilding the Council
7. To Point the Way14. The Path of the Dreadscar
Class Artifacts Questlines


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