After the Warfront: Darkshore events, the Forsaken are bringing plague barrels to wipe out the Night Warrior establishment in Nazmir. The objective of “The Blightest Touch” is to slay the Alliance invanders and to blight the Ancient of War with 5 barrels of blight.


However, the Alliance players have their own version in “Barreling Through.” The objective is to blight the Blightcaller’s Solitude ship 5 times, and to slay 12 Forsaken.



I feel like the World of Warcraft team is missing an opportunity with Incursions. These faction war world quests allow for new content to appear on top of the earlier content we experienced in the zones while the Incursion is active in a specific zone (by using Phasing technology).

I think the WoW team should have taken the opportunity to add quests within the Incursion areas to flesh out the stories of each location. For example, why are the Night Warriors building a settlement at the Mangrove Shore? Why are the Forsaken capturing Blood Trolls and blighting them?


Why are the Alliance attacking Vulpera? That’s not explained in the Incursion world quest which only limits itself to state the objectives: Kill this, and do this — without any context. Or what is the Purge Squad and its purpose? Why does the Purge Squad consists of Ascended Shaman, Warlocks and Mages?

Or what are the Purified? Other than it has Lightforged draenei, and awkward geared paladins, we don’t know how that team of Draenei, humans and dwarf priests got founded and its purpose. It would be nice to have normal quests in these new phased areas to unlock the Incursion world quests.

I like the Incursions, but I need lore to explain these crazy cool new developments within the incursion world quests. Another solution for Incursions is to make them as mini-scenarios where you complete objectives by stages, and NPCs have dialogues that can tell the story.

World Quests in the open world feel a bit invasive in that as you travel from point A to point B in a zone, the world quests intro open automatically without your consent. Some even overlap with quests you are engaging, or other world quests. Making them into optional scenarios might help that aspect too. If you have played Destiny 2, you might understand what I mean here by optional. You click the beacon, and it launches an equivalent to a seemless world quest scenario. Destiny 2 calls them Patrols… and they only start when you click a beacon, or flag standard.


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