The Burning Legion is playing shenanigans on Dalaran at the moment. Blizzard Entertainment is aware of phasing issues occurring in Dalaran in all World of Warcraft: Legion Beta realms.

Basically, you can’t see other players, there is no NPCs (including no Flightmaster or Order Hall access at Krasus’ Landing), and all interactive objects such as portals are also disappearing due to a phasing issue. Sometimes in certain spots the NPCs and other players can be seen afar, but as soon as you move a few steps forward, everything vanishes again.

If your beta character is anywhere but Dalaran, make sure not to come to Dalaran, and to focus testing what you are doing. Blizzard is aware, and attempted to fix it with a bugfix, but it didn’t work. They will come up with a fix some time today Saturday. It is critical for beta testing to fix this immediately because whoever started the Burning Legion initial attack will be sent to Dalaran to get their first summon quest to go to the Order Hall from where you are sent to search for the Artifact weapon of choice, and thereafter you pick the quest to start in the Broken Isles.

The last Blizzard post in the forums happened Friday, May 13 at 11pm EST. Expect a bugfix or patch sometime today Satuday —



Update (Friday, May 13): Seems the phasing issue extends to Azsuna. The flightmaster at Azurewing Repose keeps appearing and disappearing. Haven’t explored other zones to confirm it’s global.

Update #2 (Friday, May 13): It’s happening in random areas around the Broken Isles. There’s a report of it happening near Black Rook Hold (Val’sharah), Thunder Totem (Highmountains) and another phasing issue in Stormheim.

Update #3 (Sat, May 14 at 5pm): New message posted:

Zorbix: As many have confirmed, this isn’t localized to Dalaran (although there’s likely many different ways this is breaking, it’s not so much a single global issue).

We’re continuing to work on this today; as our engineers find things to improve, they push out code changes, and either restart the servers completely (like with a 15 minute countdown to restart) or just instantly crash and restart all the instance of Dalaran running (which is more instant).

This is our #1 issue on the Beta at the moment – we know it’s impacting your ability to test the game in virtually all other avenues. Thanks for being patient while we work through it.



Temporary Workaround

This is not a guaranteed fix, but it has worked for me. Tested 3 times in a row and worked after it broke again.

First thing — DONT INVITE PEOPLE TO GROUP. Somehow that breaks the workaround.

1. Go to the statue of Rhonin in Dalaran (Broken Isles).

2. Quit WoW.exe.

3. Go to the World of Warcraft Beta Folder.

4. Delete these folders: WTF and Cache

5. Go to C:\Users\YOUR-HARD-DRIVE-NAME\AppData\Local\Temp\

6. Delete this folder: /blizzard entertainment/

7. Launch the game.