A few days ago, I looted an Arcane Reagent item named Strange Volcanic Rock: “Bring to a Pyroclasmic Arcanocrystal to charge it, empowering the Elemental Essence Amalgamator with the power of fire.”

I had no idea what it was for until I found a grey quest (meaning it is underground) in the mini-map while navigating through Nazjatar’s Azsh’ari Terrace. Inside a cave you can find The Laboratory of Mardivas. The quest with the same namesake is given by a floating book: Mardiva’s Tome of the Elements.

Next to the book is two rows of crystals: Lesser Pyroclasmic Arcanocrystal, Lesser Tithic Arcanocrystal, and Lesser Benthic Arcanocrystal. The second row has Greater Arcanocrystals of the same types.

The quest didn’t allow me to interact with a Greater Pyroclasmic Arcanocrystal with the Strange Volcanic Rock, which means there are several Arcane Reagents out there to mix and match.

I have to note that after completing over 50 quests in Nazjatar, and obviously killing a lot of mobs during those quests, at least 10 rare elites, and whatever knocked me out of the mount — I had only looted that one “Strange Volcanic Rock” — which is the reagent used to activate this Elemental Essence Amalgamator. Seems to be a rare item with a low droprate, or you need to kill a specific type of mob. We’ll have to find out later.

After you activate the Elemental Essence Amalgamator, an elemental spawns with a quest mark in its portrait. In this case, the Lesser Pyroclasmic Arcanocrystal spawned a Burning Amalgamation (elemental).

Upon killing it, I looted a Prismatic Manapearl — which is the new Nazjatar currency for items such as a mount, pet, and other goodies like the item catch-up system where you can purchase item level 385 gear, and upgrade it to item level 400. Also the kits that increase iLevel 400 gear by increments of 15 levels up to 430.

So we can agree that The Laboratory of Mardivas is quite an important repetitive quest considering the Amalgamation drops 1 Prismatic Manapearl, and the quest turn in itself rewards 5 Prismatic Manapearl. In addition, this quest rewarded 500 reputation with the Ankoa and Unshackled factions.

Watch the video showing the location of this quest, and how to complete the quest. Click the video title to watch in fullscreen mode.

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