Patch 8.1 Incursions are revealing the Evolution of the Alliance and the Horde in ways Blizzard hasn’t expanded upon before. In Mists of Pandaria, you might remember The Throne of Thunder. The Horde Blood Elves have taken serious their namesake. They have harnessed the Dark Animus technology to… siphon G’huun/Torga blood?

Playing as Alliance, the Incursion world quest Cleansing Tide have you assist the Kul Tiran Tidesages. You transform into a Tidesurger to erradicate the Blood Elves invading Torga’s Rest in Nazmir. The objective is to slay 100 Sin’dorei forces.


The Blood Elves located in Torga’s Rest have Hawkeye Farstriders (archers), Fervent Warscryers, Sanguine Knights, and Bloodfused Crushers.


The Bloodfused Crushers are Dark Anima Golems from the Throne of Thunder. The Fervent Warscryers wear the Deadly Gladiator’s Regalia (mage set), and cast Siphon Blood and Blood Bolt. They are at the Blood Coast, siphoning blood from the blood pools the Blood Trolls were using some time ago.

From observation, there are a few inactive Bloodfused Crushers (Dark anima golems) lined up. Some of the Fervent Warscryers channeling the floating blood orbs are targeting the inactive golems, which means the Horde is powering up Dark Anima golems using the blood of Torga to build an army. These blood orbs also remind me of the rituals held at Zeth’gol in the Tanaan Jungles.


There is no NPC dialogues or depth in this world quest for context, but the fact the Blood Elves have tapped into the Thunder King’s technology and G’huun’s Blood Trolls technology makes you wonder if they can in some way replicate the way Lei Shen was resurrected.

In theory, Vol’jin could be grown a new body using Lei Shen’s technology. If some of Zul’s followers revert back to serving Talanji, they might share the ritual specs to do that. That’s speculation, but it is interesting to see the Horde harnessing things conquered in previous expansions.

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