Meryl Felstorm: It is decided, then. The foundation of the Tirisgarde’s strength lies in the ancient artifacts wielded by its champions. Your first task will be to retrieve one such artifact. The master appendix of this library lists every artifact known to the Council of Tirisfal. There should be a few choices in there worth looking into. I will leave it to you to choose which to pursue.

A Mage's Weapon


Quest Objectives

Use the Appendix of Azerothian Artifacts to choose an artifact to pursue.

A Mage's Weapon






Meryl Felstorm: The dreadlord Kathra’natir is defeated, but only for now. If we wish to save Azeroth from his evil, we must reform the Tirisgarde. Then we can hunt him down in the Twisting Nether before he has a chance to recover and share his secrets with the Burning Legion.



Meryl Felstorm: This is a wise choice. It should serve you well in our hunt for Kathra’natir.


A Mage’s Weapon


1. Felstorm's Plea7. The Champion's Return
2. The Dreadlord's Prize (Scenario)8. Unlocked Potential
3. A Mage's Weapon9. The Great Akazamzarak
4. An Unexpected Message10. The Only Way to Travel
5. A Path of Atonement11. The Tirisgarde Reborn
6. The Frozen Flame (scenario)12. A Conjuror's Duty
Class Artifacts Questlines


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