Meryl Felstorm: Kathra’natir escaped from my grasp, but I know where he plans to go. There is an ancient relic, the Forge of the Guardian, which has been used by the Council of Tirisfal for centuries to imbue the Guardian of Tirisfal with their power. The location of the forge is hidden, known only to the Council themselves. Now, the dreadlord has this knowledge. We must go to the Violet Hold. I only hope we are not too late.

The Dreadlord's Prize

Quest Objectives

Defeat Kathra’natir in Violet Hold.



Meryl Felstorm: We don’t have much time. This portal will take us directly to Violet Hold.


The Dreadlord's Prize


STAGE 1: Engage the Enemy — Help Meryl Felstorm battle the dreadlord Kathra’natir.


Meryl Felstorm: It looks like the dreadlord is one step ahead. Hurry, the passage is this way! It’s over, dreadlord. Your evil reign ends here!


Kathra’natir: Hah! Pitiful wretch! You should have brought an army! What good is one little mage against the power of the nathrezim!



Kathra’natir: You are pathetic! Your feeble spells cannot stop me!

Meryl Felstorm: He’s too strong! We’ll need to use the power of the forge!


STAGE 2: The Forge Restrained — Find a way past Kathra’natir’s barrier and destroy the Siphoning Rifts that are draining the Forge of the Guardian of its power.


Meryl Felstorm: He’s too strong! We’ll need to use the power of the forge! Find a way past his barrier! I will try to keep him occupied.


TIP: Stand by Kathra’natir’s barrier and cast [Blink].



Kathra’natir: You will not escape so easily, little mage!

Meryl Felstorm: Nice work! Now destroy the rifts siphoning power from the forge!


NOTE: Slay 4 Siphoning Rifts.



STAGE 3: The Power of the Guardians — Activate the Forge of the Guardian.


Alodi: Take my power, champion, and banish this demon back from whence it came!


STAGE 4: The Dreadlord’s Downfall — Use the power granted by the Forge of the Guardian to defeat Kathra’natir.


Kathra’natir: I’ve had enough of you, Felstorm. Prepare to meet your end!

Meryl Felstorm: I could … use a little… help here!

NOTE: At this point, Kathra’natir now focuses his attacks on you.



Kathra’natir slain: 1/1


Kathra’natir: Fool! The Legion will know your secrets… Count your days, mage. I will return!


STAGE 5: A Small Victory — Speak with Meryl Felstorm.


Meryl Felstorm: It is done. Thank you, friend. Alodi!



Alodi: It is good to see you, old friend. Though I wish it were under better circumstances. The dreadlord is only temporarily defeated. He will soon return to the Twisting Nether.

Meryl Felstorm: I see. Then I know what must be done…


FINAL STAGE: Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe — Help Meryl Felstorm and Alodi to transport the Forge of the Guardian to a safe location.


Meryl Felstorm: Alodi, my friend and I will need your help transporting the Forge of the Guardian to a safer location. I fear we may need it if we are to survive the Burning Legion this time.



NOTE: After clicking the Forge of the Guardian, you are teleported to your Mage Order Hall which is the Hall of the Guardian.


Alodi: The Hall of the Guardian! It pains me to see this place in such disrepair.

Meryl Felstorm: The hall hasn’t seen any use since the disbanding of the Council of Tirisfal. The wards protecting this place are still strong. I think it will serve our needs.

Alodi: And what do you plan?

Meryl Felstorm: I plan to reform the Tirisgarde. And this mage will be its first champion. What say you, (Name)?


(What is the Forge of the Guardian?)


Meryl Felstorm: The Forge of the Guardian is an artifact of incredible power. It was devised by the Archmage Alodi as a method of permanently transferring the arcane power of many mages into the body of one – creating a Guardian of Tirisfal. The last time it was used was in the time of Aegwynn. Since she refused to return her powers so a next Guardian could be imbued, the forge was locked away beneath the arcane barriers of the Violet Hold. Its location was only known to the Council. That is, until now.


(Wait, who are you again?)


Meryl Felstorm: Pardon me, I forget that my name is not as well-known these days. I am Meryl Felstorm – once known as Meryl Winterstorm. I was one of the founding members of the Council of Tirisfal, but was required to abandon my duties when I became possessed by the dreadlord Kathra’natir. For the most part, I was able to contain him, but the risk was too great for me to remain on the council. I have since dedicated my time to research on how to banish the demon once and for all. It seems that I have failed.



Meryl Felstorm: In times past, the Council of Tirisfal had called upon the Tirisgarde – the elite mage-guard of Dalaran – to do battle in the absence of the Guardian. It is clear now that it must be rebuilt to face this new threat. I will need your help to accomplish this. First of all, you’ll need to know how to get to this hall. I will show you.


The Dreadlord’s Prize


1. Felstorm's Plea7. The Champion's Return
2. The Dreadlord's Prize (Scenario)8. Unlocked Potential
3. A Mage's Weapon9. The Great Akazamzarak
4. An Unexpected Message10. The Only Way to Travel
5. A Path of Atonement11. The Tirisgarde Reborn
6. The Frozen Flame (scenario)12. A Conjuror's Duty
Class Artifacts Questlines


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