Meryl Felstorm: Ah, Felo’melorn. I am familiar with this weapon. For ages the Council of Tirisfal attempted to recover the blade. Its control over the primal forces of fire would be devastating in the wrong hands. As luck would have it, an associate of mine, Archmage Modera has recently uncovered some information on this artifact. This crystal contains a message from her. I suggest you start your search there. The portal over there will bring you back to the city.

An Unexpected Message


Quest Objectives

Discover Archmage Modera’s message by using the Glowing Resonate Crystal.



Meryl Felstorm: Return here once you have retrieved the artifact, (Name). In the meantime, I’ll see about tidying this place up a bit.

TIP: Click the icon located at the Objectives tab below the mini-map.



Image of Archmage Modera: Greetings, (Name). I am Modera, Archmage of the Council of Six. I’ve come across a lead on a weapon that could significantly aid you in your fight against the Legion. My source is… well… unable to join us within the city. I ask that you meet with me at the crater of the city’s foundation in Hillsbrad. Due to the sensitive nature of this matter I also ask for your discretion. If you attempt to speak to me at any other location I will disavow any knowledge of this message. I await your arrival.

Discover the Crystal’s message: 1/1



NOTE: In Dalaran (Broken Isles), go to the center of the city — Aegwynn’s Tower. Take the portal to the Portrait Room. Then head down and take the portal to the Dalaran Crater in Hillsbrad Foothills. Use a fly mount to reach the meeting point by a nearby cliff.


Meeet Archmage Modera in Hillsbrad: 1/1


Archmage Modera: Welcome, (Name). I’m glad you obtained my message.



Archmage Modera: (Name), I’m glad you came. I’ve found information on just the thing we need to turn this war in our favor.



An Unexpected Message


1. Felstorm's Plea7. The Champion's Return
2. The Dreadlord's Prize (Scenario)8. Unlocked Potential
3. A Mage's Weapon9. The Great Akazamzarak
4. An Unexpected Message10. The Only Way to Travel
5. A Path of Atonement11. The Tirisgarde Reborn
6. The Frozen Flame (scenario)12. A Conjuror's Duty
Class Artifacts Questlines


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