Sara Pine mentioned the Jumping Puzzles in Warlords of Draenor, and immediately reminded me I have that video. I was exploring Shadowmoon Valley, when suddenly something caught my eye in the distance. It was a cave opening very high in the mountain.


There were no apparent paths to reach it. Suddenly, I noticed a series of rocks in a peculiar pattern leading from the bottom to the top toward the cave.


Upon close inspection, while the lower part of the river had no path or rocks to reach the stair-step-like series of rocks, I decided to change my gamma settings a tad and on the wall there were indented holes that I could jump on.


Then jumped onto the next indented hole until I could reach the top of a tall rock. Looked to my left, and the rock was too far for a normal jump. I mounted up and jumped. I landed on the far rock. I aligned myself to the wall and there was a clear path from rock to rock along the wall leading to the top. It was a jumping puzzle.

When I reached the top, there was an elite mob: The Hypnocroak.

I kinda loved the thrilling experience of discovery. It reminded me so much to my first 3D game on my first computer back in 2000 — which happened to be a puzzle: Tomb Raider 2.