The World of Warcraft: What’s Next panel focuses on Patch 8.1 Tides of Vengeance, and Patch 8.1.5. New model/skins for the Worgen and Goblins. Kul Tiran and Zandalari Allied Races. Micro-Holidays, Timewalking: Warlords of Draenor. Portal Rooms in Orgrimmar and Stormwind. Profession Questlines. Brawler’s Guild new bosses, Transmog sets, and mounts.

Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch have been remastered with updated graphics ( buildings, trees, etc). Patch 8.2: Rise of Azshara will introduce Nazjatar, new Story quests, new Allies, and replayable content. Azshara’s Eternal Palace (Raid) with 8 bosses, and an underwater Boss. Culminating with Queen Azshara herself as the last boss of the 8.2 Raid.

In addition, a new 8-boss Mythic dungeon in Tiragarde Sound known as the Mechagon Megadungeon, the ancient lost city of the mechagnomes.

Among the speakers were:

  • Ion Hazzikostas (game director)
  • Ryan Shwayder (senior game designer)
  • Jeremy Feasel (senior game designer)

BlizzCon 2018 World of Warcraft panel transcript



Presenter: Welcome to World of Warcraft What’s Next.

Ion: Hello, BlizzCon. Welcome to my very favorite part of every BlizzCon. The World of Warcraft: What’s Next panel where we get to talk about what you have to look forward to over the next year or so, in this game that we all love.

So where do we stand right now? At the start of Battle for Azeroth, in the last two months since the game came out, we have seen millions of brave adventures journey to Kul Tiras and Zandalar, and explore and defeat new enemies, forge new alliances, make new friends, and yes… aid roughly 760 million turtles in making it to the water. True stats.

But in a lot of ways, we really do stand at the beginning of a journey, because each expansion in World of Warcraft represents a fresh start. It’s a new world to visit, new stories to explore, new systems, new foundations upon which to build. And that’s why I stand here excited to talk about the plans that we have looking forward to make Battle for Azeroth, the greatest expansion that it can be. Now there’s a couple of pieces to that.


First off, we want to continue the philosophies we introduced in Legion; in terms of how we approach our patches, how we approach our content updates. We want to make sure that there’s always a steady stream of content, things to look forward to, things to experience, things to keep the experience interesting and varied. And so we really, we want to continue the patch plan that we had in terms of alternating major content updates with so called “.5” patches, and really have robust support from start to finish. We never want people to wait too long for the next thing, for the next adventure.

But we also understand that a key component of that is the systems and the rewards that tie it all together. Those are the connective tissue that make the content meaningful, and none of that matters if the rewards are frustrating, rather than fulfilling; or the systems feel like they are letting you down. And that’s something that we always know we need to listen, we need to work on, and it is our primary focus as we push forward. This is not something– (Audience Applauses) Yeah! This story is far from over. We stand here at the first chapter in this great journey and I couldn’t be more excited, to just give you a little sneak peek at the next few chapters.

Patch 8.1



1. Intro2. Patch 8.13. Patch 8.1.54. Patch 8.2: Rise of Azshara

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