Meryl Felstorm: In ancient times, the Forge of the Guardian was used to channel the power of the Council of Tirisfal into one mage, creating a Guardian. But this is not its only use. It also serves as a font of arcane energy which can be used to manipulate and empower the artifacts of this world. This power will allow us to gain the upper hand against the dreadlord and the Burning Legion, and I ask you to be the first to tap into it.

Unlocked Potential


Quest Objectives

Use the Forge of the Guardian to unlock the first trait for your artifact.



Unlocked Potential



Meryl Felstorm: Your artifact is well on its way to reaching its true potential, but even with this power you will not be able to fight the Legion alone. We will need to begin recruiting other amges to our cause. Unfortunately, the protective wards surrounding the hall may be prohibitive to this. After all, I cannot personally teleport every one of them here. However, a solution to this particular problem might be right under our noses.


Unlocked Potential


1. Felstorm's Plea7. The Champion's Return
2. The Dreadlord's Prize (Scenario)8. Unlocked Potential
3. A Mage's Weapon9. The Great Akazamzarak
4. An Unexpected Message10. The Only Way to Travel
5. A Path of Atonement11. The Tirisgarde Reborn
6. The Frozen Flame (scenario)12. A Conjuror's Duty
Class Artifacts Questlines


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