Fun with Fungus

Exarch Naielle: It is our mission as rangari to explore and understand this world. Around you is the Umberfen. Many draenei lost their lives when we first discovered this place. The volatile spores burst whenever anyone approaches.

But we watched… and we learned.

Around the swamp you’ll notice “Shimmershrooms,” distinguished by their orange glowcaps. Their dust will make you invisible to the volatile spores. Grab the spores – gently! – and bring them to me.

We will forge this savage world into a weapon.


Quest Objectives

Use the Shimmershrooms to safely gather 12 Volatile Spores.




Exarch Naielle: Remember, unless you are covered in shimmershroom dust, the spores will explode as soon as you get near.



Exarch Naielle: Careful with those… hand them here. Wonderful!

I will have my rangari bury these around the perimeter of Elodor. If the Shadowmoon orcs dare attack us again, they are in for a nasty surprise!

Draenor is a hostile world, but if we take the time to learn and understand it, we can turn it to our advantage.

I will finish up here and meet with the Exarch Council shortly. I will be sure to back your proposal.


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1.Finding a Foothold8.Keeping it Together
2.For the Alliance9.Ship Salvage
3.Looking For Lumber10.Pale Moonlight
4.Ravenous Ravens11.Build Your Barracks
5.Quakefist12.Qiana Moonshadow
6.Establish Your Garrison13.Delegating on Draenor
7.Bounty: Twisted Ancient
Quests given at the Garrison. Not required for the achievement.
15.A Curse Upon the Woods
Requires level 92

Things aren't Goren our way

**Gain the Garrison Mine

Alchemy Lab Quests
Starting a Work Order