Starting a Work Order

Peter Kearie: Now that you have an Alchemy Lab, we can start producing work orders for you. When you have the ingredients we need, please come to me to start the first batch.

Quest Objectives

Give the alchemist’s assistant enough Blackrock Ore and Frostweed to start your first Alchemy Lab work order.



Peter Kearie: What can I do for you?

(I would like to place a work order)

Alchemical Catalyst: 1 of 1 Shipments Available. Generates a shipment of Alchemical Catalysts. Park a follower here from the Architect UI for a higher yield. You can view the progress of these shipments in the Garrison Report. Return to collect goods when they are complete.

Frostweed x 20
Blackrock Ore x 10



Peter Keari: We will complete your work order as soon as possible.