Finding a Foothold

So, you are the one that has led my children home? I have been waiting for you.

The Iron Horde grows stronger every day.

I have foreseen a great battle, but my visions are clouded. It’s as if time is sitting on top of itself.

One thing is certain, your presence here is of great importance.

Quest Objectives

Follow Prophet Velen.




Yrel: Prophet, this hero – and many others from another world – have come to aid us.

Prophet Velen: It is good to see you, my child. My people welcome your aid, champion. Come with me.

Yrel: Prophet, I must warn you, the Iron Horde intends to strike out against all who oppose him. We must prepare our defenses!

Prophet Velen: Indeed, we have many enemies both within and without. We will deal with one problem at a time. First, we must settle your people.

(Discovered: Lunarfall)

Prophet Velen: Here! This location commands the entrance to our valley.

(Accompany Prophet Velen to Lunarfall Ruins: 1/1)

Archmage Khadgar: So, this is where we will build your garrison.

Have you commanded this many troops before?

I’m sure you’ll do fine… I hope.




Vindicator Maraad: This will have to do.


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1.Finding a Foothold8.Keeping it Together
2.For the Alliance9.Ship Salvage
3.Looking For Lumber10.Pale Moonlight
4.Ravenous Ravens11.Build Your Barracks
5.Quakefist12.Qiana Moonshadow
6.Establish Your Garrison13.Delegating on Draenor
7.Bounty: Twisted Ancient
Quests given at the Garrison. Not required for the achievement.
15.A Curse Upon the Woods
Requires level 92

Things aren't Goren our way

**Gain the Garrison Mine

Alchemy Lab Quests
Starting a Work Order