AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su will talk about the highly anticipated AMD Ryzen™ desktop CPU lineup powered by the groundbreaking “Zen 3” architecture today at 12pm EST.

Zen 3 is made to sync with the latest PCIe 4.0 motherboards, and the Samsung 980 Pro SSD with 7000/MBs read speeds.

The upcoming AMD Radeon RX 6000 graphic card series will be unveiled in October 28. That announcement will be important to PC users because that graphic card is powered by the RDNA 2 architecture — a more powerful version of the AMD GPU installed in the PS5.

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Lisa: Welcome, everyone. Big welcome to all of you. And thank you all for joining us today. I’ve been looking forward to this moment all year, and I know many of you have too. It’s been a challenging year for everyone as we’ve navigated the COVID-19 pandemic globally. But one thing we’ve learned is just how important high-performance computing technologies really are from work, to school, to gaming, to entertainment…

The PC is now the computing platform of choice in 2020. And I’m really excited to show you today what we have been working on for the next-gen PC platforms; and especially, for all of you gamers. Now, it’s already been an incredible year for gamers. There’s so much excitement around the next-gen consoles.

We are so proud of the power of the new Sony PlayStation 5 with a high-performance custom chip, featuring our AMD Ryzen CPU and AMD Radeon GPU technology. And we are equally proud that custom AMD processors also powered the new Microsoft XBox Series X and Series S consoles — again, featuring our high-performance Ryzen and Radeon technologies.

These consoles are bringing just incredible technology to gamers all over the world; and are really a result of just deep engineering partnerships over many, many years with both Sony and Microsoft. Now gaming is at the heart of so much of what we do at AMD. Whether you’re talking about PCs or consoles or cloud gaming and mobile — AMD loves gaming.

And we’d like to say gaming begins with AMD. So today we’re going to talk specifically about our next-gen PC gaming platform. So let’s talk a little bit about Ryzen. Now, you guys know we brought the first generation of Ryzen to market in 2017 and we actually had one goal. It was to build the best PC desktop processor possible.

Now we knew we wouldn’t get there in one step, but with each generation of Ryzen, it’s gotten better. And we focused on how do we deliver more performance? How do we deliver the best features? And how do we give more capabilities to all of you PC enthusiasts, so that you can do more than you ever thought with your desktop or in your notebook?

And we’ve made great, great progress. We started with Ryzen desktops, and then we introduced Ryzen Threadripper in high-end desktops. And now actually Ryzen is in many amazing notebook systems with our Ryzen 4000 series. I think it’s safe to say that AMD loves the PC. And I think also it’s safe to say the PC users love Ryzen.

So we really appreciate that. Now look, let’s just focus on the desktop for a few minutes. The progress we have made over the last few years has been really amazing. If you look at the market before Ryzen, the desktop PC was on sort of an incremental performance slope for the last many years. Now over the past three years, we’ve significantly changed that trajectory and really completely reset expectations as we’ve gone from first-gen Ryzen to second-gen. Now to third-gen Ryzen.

We were the first to launch 7-nanometer desktop processor. And today third-gen Ryzen leads in so many areas. We’re the highest in multi-threaded performance. We are the best in terms of power efficiency. And 3rd-Gen Ryzen is absolutely a great gaming processor, but as you know, we’re really ambitious.

So our work with Ryzen is never done. Our engineers have been on this maniacal focus of: “What can we do more? What can we do better?”

So today we’re here to talk about our brand-new CPU core. You’ve all been waiting for it. It’s all about Zen 3, and with Zen 3, we focused again on bringing the best to the PC market.

I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished. Zen 3 increases our lead in overall performance. It increases our lead in power efficiency, and also now it delivers the best single threaded performance and gaming performance as well. We’ve made massive changes in the core architecture, and I’m sure all of you want to know what’s inside Zen 3.

So let me hand it over to AMD CTO, Mark Papermaster to give you all the details.


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