The World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Beta has begun with a full Alpha characters wipe. Beta has now the Dragonflight intro quests starting in Stormwind and Orgrimmar before traveling to the Dragon Isles.

The World Map is still not available in the new build, but traveling by boat still marks the Red X somewhere around this spot east of Northrend. Whether the mark is accurate remains TBD.

There are many cutscene placeholders in this intro questline that do not show any of the content, keeping the story within under closed wraps. One of them is triggered by starting a dialogue with one of the Dracthyr NPCs. The dialogue name is… “The Dawn of the Aspects.” For those who don’t know what that stands for, this was a Richard A. Knaak novel in 6-parts titled World of Warcraft: Dawn of the Aspects (available as paperback, Kindle eBook, and Audiobook).

Dragonflight Beta Begins: Dragonflight Intro Quests – Stormwind TRANSCRIPT

Wrathion: Wondrous news, my friend! The Dragon Isles are awakening!

My people left our lands dormant in the wake of the Sundering. But now, at long last, we feel the call to home.

While the isles hold many wonders, there are perils as well. We will require the aid of our mortal allies in order to reclaim our legacy.

Meet me in Stormwind. I must present the Aspects' invitation to the Alliance.

QUEST OBJECTIVES: Meet Wrathion in Stormwind.

Wrathion: Ah, here is the hero I spoke of. The Aspects' invitation extends to you as well, friend.

Wrathion: Ah, (Name), impeccable timing!

I just met with Lord Commander Turalyon and his allies, and they have accepted the Aspects' invitation to the Dragon Isles.

You will be coming along, of course? It wouldn't be the same without you!

I imagine you have noticed some unfamiliar faces gathered here. The ones with the wings are called dracthyr. They have only known me a short time, but they are already great admirers.

Ah, but where are my manners? We should have a chat.

QUEST OBJECTIVES: Speak with Wrathion to learn of the Council's meeting.

(Listen to Wrathion and Turalyon.)

* A cutscene starts (Placeholder: missing in this beta build)

Wrathion: I cannot wait to see the Dragon Isles with you, (Name)!

Now then, I believe that diminutive ally of yours said something about putting together an expedition.

Toddy Whiskers: Pleased to meet ya!

* Talking to Toddy unlocks Dragonscale Expedition Renown.

Toddy Whiskers: The name's Toddy. I'll be headin' up our band of cheery adventurers under the banner of the Dragonscale Expedition. We'll get into the details later. For now, let's focus on gatherin' up our crew.

Every expedition worth its salt has a variety of folk. We'll be needin' scholars, artisans, and of course explorers.

Well? What're you standin' here for? Assemble that crew!

QUEST OBJECTIVES: Recruit explorers, artisans, and scholars throughout Stormwind for the expedition to the Dragon Isles.

Toddy Whiskers: Spotted some promisin' crew members as I was flyin' over the city. Round 'em up and let's get to it!

Thaelin Darkanvil: This craftmanship is somethin' else. Ye can learn a lot by studyin' the work of others.

Just the thought of what lies ahead gets me excited!

(We need artisans for an expedition to the Dragon Isles. Will you join us?)

Thaelin Darkanvil: New adventures? I'm game. When there's work tae be done, my hammer's always ready tae be put tae good use! See ye at the docks!

Cataloger Wulferd: Breathing room, please! My admirers need space to appreciate the awe of being in my presence.

Cataloger Wulferd: No quill? No ink?

(The gnome shakes his head.)

How do you expect me to sign an autograph if you don't come prepared?

(We need scholars for an expedition to the Dragon Isles. Will you join us?)

Cataloger Wulferd: A-hem. Duty calls! Now if you'll excuse me, I must be off to make a name for myself in the splendiferous Dragon Isles!

Trainee: Don't let me go, lad! First time's always a bit rough.

Pathfinder Jeb: Help ya with something?

I'm sorta busy showing these trainees the finer points of scaling walls.

(We need explorers for an expedition to the Dragon Isles. Will you join ya?)

Pathfinder Jeb: Expedition to the Dragon Isles? Sounds fun! Bet they've got plenty of soaring peaks to climb. Wrap it up, trainees! We're moving out!

Trainee: Hello? Pathfinder Jeb? Anyone? Could use a hand here!

Toddy Whiskers: Easy now, Wildfeather. Yer gonna need that energy soon enough!

That was fast!

Eager to get to the Dragon Isles, eh? Me too!

Khadgar: Hello, (Name). It's been a while, and I wish we had more time to catch up.

But you see, I've just had a rather enlightening... no, make that foreboding... yes, a foreboding conversation with an old friend.

Sometimes a revelation can be both, after all.

I really must tell you of what I've learned.

QUEST OBJECTIVES: Speak with Archmage Khadgar in Stormwind.

Wrathion: Be at ease, Toddy. This is a friend, not a foe.

Khadgar: Apologies for my abrupt arrival. But the news I bring cannot wait for pleasantries. We have much to discuss.

(Ask Khadgar what happened.)

* Cutscene starts (Placeholder: missing in this Beta build)

Wrathion: Your reaction is understandable. I dare say I felt the same.

Dervishian: I realize you do not know much about the dracthyr, (race), but perhaps I can change that.

My ally Emberthal has just arrived from our homeland. She says that the Aspect of Time, Nozdormu, revealed certain truths to her. Truths that you should know as well.

I confess... part of me fears what these revelations could be. But if we dracthyr are to find a place among your kind, then we must learn about each other.

I hope that you will come with me.

QUEST OBJECTIVES: Seek out Scalecommander Emberthal in Stormwind.

Dervishian: I have never seen Emberthal so... contemplative. Let us not keep her waiting.

Wrathion: While you make preparations to board your vessel, I shall fly on ahead. Do try not to get seasick, (Name)!

Scalecommander Emberthal: Well met, (race). I am Emberthal.

I have much to tell you about the dracthyr.

Scalecommander Emberthal: My people awoke from a long stasis, our memories a blur. We did not know who imprisoned us or why. But we soon encountered a terrible enemy from our pasts: Raszageth.

We had no choice but to evacuate our home. While I searched for survivors, I realized that someone had come looking for me.

Nozdormu, the Timeless One.

In the sands, he showed me many truths. About the dragons and about the origins of my people.

Let me tell you the things I have seen, (Name). You must hear them for yourself.

QUEST OBJECTIVES: Speak with Scalecommander Emberthal in Stormwind.

There is so much more to this world than Neltharion taught us.

So many truths we must discover for ourselves.

** There are three options: each triggers a cinematic or cutscene. (Not available in this Beta build)

(Tell me of the dracthyr's origins.)

(Tell me of Neltharion's downfall.)

(Tell me of the Dawn of the Aspects.)

Now you know the truth.

The past is the past. Now we must find a way for your people and mine to share a common future.

Scalecommander Azurathel: Our forces have gathered in preparation for our journey to the Dragon Isles. Now it is only a matter of time before we behold its wonders together.

Toddy is continuing to coordinate our efforts down at the docks.

While I admire her enthusiasm, I do hope her eagerness does not blind her to the dangers ahead.

Regardless, the Obsidian Warders stand ready to protect the expedition.

QUEST OBJECTIVES: Speak with Toddy Whiskers in Stormwind Harbor.

Scalecommander Azurathel: So it was Neltharion who gave the final order that sent us back to our creches.

Scalecommander Emberthel: And bid his ally Malygos to weave a spell that would put us to sleep, under the guard of his blue dragons. Where we remained, abandoned and forgotten. Awakened only when the Primalists returned to break Raszageth free.

Dervishian: Did... did you ask Nozdormu how long we slept?

Scalecommander Emberthel: Nearly twenty thousand years. While we slumbered, the kingdom of dragons rose and fell, the world was sundered, and the Aspects surrendered their power to stop Nel... to stop Deathwing.

Scalecommander Azurathel: Then our mission is clear. Whether back on the Dragon Isles or elsewhere in the lands of Azeroth, the dracthyr must find where we belong.

Toddy Whiskers: Good timin', (Name). We're just about ready to begin the adventure!

Toddy Whiskers: Great news, (Name)! The spearhead of our expedition has made landfall in the Dragon Isles.

Thanks to the efforts of yerself and other Dragonscale Expedition members, we've established a protected landing site and made contact with the dragonflight's embassy.

Are ye prepared to accompany us on our next voyage to the Dragon Isles?

QUEST OBJECTIVES: Ride the Rugged Dragonscale to the Dragon Isles from Stormwind Harbor.

The expedition boat shouldn't be long now.

Make a friend or two while ye wait fer it.

Ah, the Rugged Dragonscale. All aboardd for adventure, my friends!

Cataloger Wulferd: Corkscrews! The boat ruined my perfect shot! I almost had it...

Pathfinder Jeb: You'll get lots of pictures in the Dragon Isles, Wulferd. Imagine all the ancient wonders we'll be discovering!

Thaelin Darkanvil: I still say we all could've crammed into my mole machine and gotten there faster.

Scalecommander Azurathel: We dracthyr would rather fly home than ride a wooden vessel as it drifts upon the waves. But I pledged to accompany your expedition, so... waves it is.

Alanatheth: Surely one of your airships would be faster than plodding along in this boat?

Captain Ironbridge: You really want to fly an airship into a sky full of dragons, ensign? Besides, our tidesages are puttin' in work.

Alanatheth: I suppose that is an understandable fear for a flightless creature.

Thaelin Darkanvil: Ruins to delve...

Cataloger Wulferd: New species to discover... Award-winning photographs to take... Famous dragon autographs to acquire and flip far above normal resale value...

Scalecommander Azurathel: Focus! Obsidian Warders, stay alert on approach!

Captain Ironbridge: Welcome to the Dragon Isles, explorers!

Toddy Whiskers: Come on, Wildfeather... Off to the next adventure!

Toddy Whiskers: Welcome to the Dragon Isles!

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