World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Beta added some WIP cutscenes and voice overs. The story campaign chapter achievements are also in place. By almost all means, the basic structure of the Live game is nigh playable in the test.

In these videos, I played mostly only the Story Campaign quests. The story is linear: You arrive at the Waking Shores. Assist Alexstrasza and Wrathion with empowering their dragonflights’ Oathstones. Move on to Ohn’ahran Plains where you assist the Maruuk centaur. Then help the centaur and Merithra defeat the Primalists, and empower the green dragonflight oathstone.

Azure Span focuses on the personal growth of Kalecgos as he figures out how to activate his dormant oathstone, but we get to see some Kirin Tor and Khadgar action; and the Iskaara Tuskarr.

Lastly, Thaldraszus focuses on Nozdormu and Alexstrasza. We get to hope through time with Chromie and the Timewalkers, and Alexstrasza unravels the Primalists goal, chasing them to the first raid: The Vault of the Incarnates.

The Waking Shores and Ohn’ahran story quests can be completed in about 2+ hours each. The Azure Span takes nearly around 3+ hours because you need to level up 1 Level with non-Story quests to unlock the last quests that grant you the zone achievement.

The Thaldraszus story takes around 3-4 hours up to Level 57, but you need to Level up 2 Levels via non-Story quests in order to unlock the quests that leads to the Raid. From there forward at Level 59, you unlock the World Quests. Alexstrasza wants you to collect supplies to be strong enough to fight the Primalists in the Raid.

The supply resources are rewards from completing World Quests and defeating rare elites throughout the Dragon Isles. You get them from Renown rewards, too.

Without further ado, these are the Story Campaign quests videos for The Waking Shores, Azure Span and Thaldraszus.

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