After playing through Dragonflight Alpha and Beta, I observed new features, build changes, and later the entire Dragon Isles quest progression from zone to zone once it became available for testing. There are some tips I can share that may be useful to you when the game launches.

Dragonflight Tips : Zone Story Campaign Quests

My recommendation is to only complete Zone Story quests. These have a peculiar brown frame around the yellow Exclamation mark. Ignore non-Story Campaign quests until Level 69. You will need those later on to increase your Renown with the four Dragon Isles factions: Valdrakken Accord, Iskaara Tuskarr, Maruuk Centaur and Dragonscale Expedition.


Dragonriding is not acquired right away. If you only complete The Waking Shores zone Story Campaign Quests, within about 2 hours you can complete Chapter 3 of the Waking Shores Story Campaign. This happens shortly after you help Wrathion claim the Obsidian Citadel. Wrathion will transport a cargo in a wagon and you have to escort it back to the Ruby Life Pools. It is there where Alexstrasza gives you the quest titled “Dragonriding.”

That questline has a few quests. Complete those until you are rewarded your Dragonriding Mount.

At that point, STOP questing. Now you will spend the next 2 hours collecting 40 Dragon Glyphs that are scattered throughout all four zones in the Dragon Isles. Visit my Dragonflight Maps for the location of all the Dragon Glyphs. You can also watch my YouTube video as I collect them all. Trust me… Dragonriding is a whole new beast once you unlock all of the Talent Tree. Especially, the last one to the right (at the bottom of the talent tree) — as it replenishes your Vigor bubbles very fast while dragonriding with the Thrill of the Skies buff.

Once you have collected all 40 Dragon Glyphs and unlocked all the Dragonriding talent tree, you are good to continue the Story Campaign where you left off.


I suggest you queue to do dungeons while you are completing the Zone Story Campaign Quests. Once you reach the Azure Span Story Campaign Chapter 3, you unlock the third Dragonriding Mount, but also you are level-gated. The next quest will be gray, and you may not accept the quest until you are around Level 65. This is where Dungeons will help you get some well needed “Experience.”

In Beta, I went ahead and completed non-Story Campaign quests in Ohn’ahran Plains and some in Thaldraszus. Big mistake. I realized this later.

So you reach Level 65, and you can now continue the Azure Span Story Campaign Chapter 4. Once Kalecgos activates the Blue Dragonflight’s Oathstone, you are sent off to Valdrakken in Thaldraszus.

When you reach the Thaldraszus Story Campaign Chapter 3… you will encounter another level-gate. You can’t continue to Chapter 4 until you reach Level 69. That’s two whole Levels to grind. I recommend grinding that “Experience” in Dungeons. DO NOT complete regular quests anywhere. Here is why…


So now you reach Level 69, unlock Chapter 4. Alexstrasza will now be found outside the Vault of the Incarnates raid dungeon, and she will send you back to Valdrakken to talk to the Dragon Isles Emissary, Therazal who gives you the shocking quest: “Making a Name.”

Acquire 0/3000 Reputation earned throughout the Dragon Isles.

That’s right. Another gate before you get to access the next quest, which I assume asks you to enter the Vault of the Incarnates.

Now is when you can start to backtrack your steps. Start with the normal quests in the Wingrest Embassy in the Waking Shores, and continue moving on to the next flightmaster area where you might find new normal quests. On and on until you reach 3000 Reputation.

Completing World Quests (unlocked at Level 69) will also help you grind that 3000 Reputation objective.

The cost of being a completionist is that if you completed all normal quests by the time you reached Thaldraszus Story Campaign Chapter 4, then you will have a rough reputation grinding without normal quests. But fortunately for those who read these tips, you are alright.

To help with the grind, sometimes you will notice weird glows on the ground while you are Dragonriding or questing. Go to those glows. There are flowers and objects that when looted grant Dragon Isles Supplies.

Other than these sources of grinding reputation, there is also the Aylaag Camp in Ohn’ahran Plains at Level 69. The quest starts out of the blue as a bird lands next to you anywhere in the world, requesting your presence at Aylaag Camp. There you will find at least 5 Daily Quests. However, this camp moves location randomly after a period of time. Possibly daily or more, which means daily quests will change to the ones Blizzard assigned in the new location. Click here to watch in fullscreen 720p.

I will update this article as I find new things to share.

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